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It is unconscionable that we ration health care by the ability to pay.... your heart breaks. Health care should be a given.

KATHRYN ANASTOS, New York Magazine, Dec. 21-28, 1992


In the South Bronx in 1990, you'd walk into a ward -- and we did have open wards in Bronx-Lebanon Hospital at that point -- and it was just full of people dying from AIDS. We did not have a way to treat them. We could do little things. We could delay death. Then, after that, we could help people die. Now, when I go to Rwanda, I can walk into a ward and it's the same thing: full of people who are dying of AIDS, both women and men, in separate wards, obviously. One difference is that, in Rwanda, there are two people in a bed.

KATHRYN ANASTOS, interview, The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource


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I'm a child of the '60s. I went to medical school as a vehicle for social change.

KATHRYN ANASTOS, HIV Plus Magazine, April/May 2000