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Baseball is what we were.

Baseball is sunshine, green grass, fathers and sons, our rural past.

ALBERT THEODORE POWERS, The Business of Baseball

Baseball is purer than life; it's symmetrical, fair, and dignified. There's no debating what happened: it happened.

MARVIN COHEN, Baseball the Beautiful

Baseball is reassuring. It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up.

SHARON OLDS, This Sporting Life

The first thing baseball wants to do is make you a superstar and then say that you owe baseball something. I don't owe baseball anything. Baseball owes me.

HANK AARON, Jet Magazine, Sep. 5, 1986

Like a tree, baseball is a thing of dignity. A tree knows how to balance itself, roots in relation to trunk in relation to the outspreading and the growth. Pitcher battles a balance, with all the fielders on his side, against the wood-wielding enemy. The distances are right. From pitcher to batter, from base to base. There are enough chances, there are enough accidents, and when those things even out, it's still a test of skill. What it comes down to is that the batters with the most talent have the best records. Ditto with the pitchers. Baseball tests ability. Out of it all, an archives, a legacy of records, of statistics, has come down to us. And the compilation is always going on, season after season.

MARVIN COHEN, Baseball the Beautiful

In spite of its varied and primarily English origins, baseball is American. Many of our dramas as a people are played out on baseball's stage. The game of baseball is simple, fair, and for eight months of every year served up daily. Three strikes and a batter is out. Three outs for each team every inning. Each team has as many chances to bat and to score as its opponent. Nine innings except in the case of a tie. All games are played until one team wins, even if the game lasts all day and all night. Baseball, among all major American sports, is the only game not limited by a clock. Very simple, very just. Everything else about baseball is surrounded by a hazy aura where America's soul can be found.

ALBERT THEODORE POWERS, The Business of Baseball

Baseball is indulgent about facades, preferring them to reality. The game has surrounded itself with euphemisms, like a junkyard with an ivy-covered fence. Baseball is peanuts and hot dogs and heart and team spirit and camaraderie and good feeling and a way of life second in wholesomeness only to the Boy Scouts. Of course, it is none of these things, and one only has to examine the fortunes and personnel of a single team over a period of time to understand how shimmery the facade is.

LEONARD SHECTER, Life Magazine, Aug. 9, 1968

To connect faith and the national pastime is not to argue that baseball is something more than a game; it is to affirm that baseball is a game.


Baseball is a pretty sight and a nice experience, win or lose, particularly if it is watched in a nice park.

DANIEL OKRENT & HARRIS LEWINE, The Ultimate Baseball Book

Some argue that baseball is a subtler game than football, which, if true, may be part of the reason many Americans find baseball boring.

ARTHUR ASA BERGER, Media Analysis Techniques

Baseball is an art! A drama! A ballet without music! Let us give it a Greek chorus!

DEBORAH WILES, The Aurora County All-Stars

I believe in the church of baseball. I've tried all the major religions and most of the minor ones. I've worshipped Buddha, Allah, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, trees, mushrooms, and Isadora Duncan. I know things. For instance there are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball. When I learned that, I gave Jesus a chance. But it just didn't work out between us. The Lord laid too much guilt on me. I prefer metaphysics to theology. You see, there's no guilt in baseball. And it is never boring.... I've tried them all, I really have, and the only church that truly feeds the soul, day in and day out, is the church of baseball.

RON SHELTON, Bull Durham

Baseball quote

Baseball is as American as turkey and apple pie. Baseball is a tradition that passes from generation to generation. Baseball crosses social barriers, creates community spirit, and is much more than a private enterprise. Baseball is a national pastime.

HARRY SEYMOUR CRUMP, injunction issued by Minnesota Superior Court, Nov. 16, 2002

What I like best about baseball is the continuity. Generation after generation can follow the game and get the same satisfactions year after year and bring to it the same interest and spirit. I want to take that with me into the next century.

DAN SHAUGHNESSY, attributed, The Ultimate Baseball Book

It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. You count on it, rely on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive, and then just when the days are all twilight, when you need it most, it stops ... And summer is gone.

A. BARTLETT GIAMATTI, attributed, The Business of Baseball

The great thing about baseball is that there's a crisis every day.

GABE PAUL, attributed, The Gigantic Book of Baseball Quotations

What's true for the people who play baseball is true in different ways for those of us who mostly just watch it. On the one hand, a baseball stadium becomes a kind of home for many of us who go often. Whether it's a big league stadium where you can leave your peanut shells scattered beneath your seat or a high school field where you know the person who chalks the base paths every Thursday, it's a personal space. You can keep score with your private notation system, sound of authoritatively on what Bud Selig is doing wrong, or tell an ump that he's missed a call even when you are 140 feet and a bad angle away from the plate.

ERIC BRONSON, Baseball and Philosophy

If you can't enjoy the game unless you are pretty sure your team is going to win, baseball is not the game for you. Remember, the best team in baseball in any year is going to be beaten about 60 times.

DANIEL OKRENT & HARRIS LEWINE, The Ultimate Baseball Book

The structure of baseball is its art. It's a structure that admits of infinitely complicated possibilities and combinations, within the rigid framework of rules in common, of distances to fences, of worked-out angles, of human proportions. Man is the measure of all things. The Major League ballplayer is the measure of the distances on his field of trade. Given these, he must do or die, win or lose. It's the majesty that dignity imparts.

MARVIN COHEN, Baseball the Beautiful

Baseball is a curious anomaly in American life. It seems to have been ingrained in people in their childhood.... Baseball is, after all, a boy's game, and children are innocent of evil. So even adults who are prejudiced revert to their childhood when they encounter a baseball player and they react with the purity of little children.

JACKIE ROBINSON, Baseball Has Done It

Baseball is both poetic and narrative in its action. It is an activity grounded in a quest for home. Home is the game's beginning and end; its movement is both Grail-like and Odyssean.

PETER GIZZI, The House that Jack Built

One of the great things about baseball is that it can be played almost anywhere.

JOSH LEVENTHAL, Baseball Yesterday & Today

Baseball is impossible without psychology: impossible to play, and impossible to appreciate fully as a fan. The physical demands of the game are intense and the physical abilities of the players, as extraordinary as they are, cannot by themselves meet those demands. Working alone, even the fastest reflexes would be insufficient--the reflexes must be supported by the player's intellect. The player's intellect, in turn, is shaped by those cognitive and emotional forces that are the province of psychology.

MIKE STADLER, The Psychology of Baseball

It doesn't take much to get me up for baseball. Once the National Anthem plays, I get chills. I even know the words to it now.

PETE ROSE, attributed, The Complete Armchair Book of Baseball

Baseball is only a pastime, a sport, an entertainment, a way of blowing off steam. But it is also the national game, with an appeal to Americans of every race, color, creed, sex or political opinion. It unites Americans in the common cause of rooting for the home team.

JACKIE ROBINSON, Baseball Has Done It

The average age of our bench is deceased.

TOMMY LASORDA, attributed, The Gigantic Book of Baseball Quotations

My theory of hitting was just to watch the ball as it came in and hit it. As I realized years later, that is still the finest theory of hitting yet devised.

TOMMY LASORDA, The Artful Dodger

I walk into the clubhouse and it's like walking into the Mayo Clinic. We have four doctors, three therapists and five trainers. Back when I broke in, we had one trainer who carried a bottle of rubbing alcohol and by the seventh inning he had drunk it all.

TOMMY LASORDA, Sports Illustrated, May 29, 1989

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