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quotations about benevolence

How quickly a truly benevolent act is repaid by the consciousness of having done it.

HOSEA BALLOU, Edge-Tools of Speech

Benevolence is a world of itself -- a world which mankind, as yet, have hardly begun to explore. We have, as it were, only skirted along its coasts for a few leagues, without penetrating the recesses, or gathering the riches of its vast interior.

HORACE MANN, A Few Thoughts for a Young Man

Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment.

C. S. LEWIS, The Problem of Pain

The most melancholy of human reflections, perhaps, is that, on the whole, it is a question whether the, benevolence of mankind does most good or harm.

WALTER BAGEHOT, Physics and Politics

The unaffected language of real feeling and benevolence is easily understood, and is never ridiculous.



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