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The dog who barks the loudest is not always the best watcher, neither are braggadocios the most valiant.


People never have confidence in a Big Talker. They know his statements must be cut down, but they can never tell how much.

EDGAR WATSON HOWE, Country Town Sayings

Boasts are wind and deeds are hard.

ISAAC ASIMOV, Foundation and Empire

Who knows himself a braggart, let him fear this, for it will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an ass.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, All's Well That Ends Well

The only way to cure an egotist from bragging is by surgery--amputation at the neck.

EVAN ESAR, 20,000 Quips & Quotes

In today's cutthroat business world, where job security is virtually nonexistent, bragging is a necessity--not a choice! Remaining quiet about your successes only leads to being underappreciated and overlooked.

PEGGY KLAUS, Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.


There is also this benefit in brag, that the speaker is unconsciously expressing his own ideal. Humor him by all means, draw it all out, and hold him to it.


It's not bragging if you can back it up.

MUHAMMAD ALI, attributed, 7 Steps to Bragging the Right Way

Mankind in general seem to take about as much pride in bragging of their faults as of their virtues.

H. W. SHAW, attributed, Day's Collacon

With a braggart, it's no sooner done than said.

EVAN ESAR, 20,000 Quips & Quotes

Bragging is an ailment,
Bragging is a blight;
Bragging is an attribute
Of a silly wight.

RALPH M. THOMSON, "Bragging," Medical Pickwick, vol. 8

Every other enjoyment malice may destroy; every other panegyric envy may withhold; but no human power can deprive the boaster of his own encomiums.

SAMUEL JOHNSON, The Rambler, Jan. 21, 1752

Bravado may stir the crowd, but courage needs no audience.

T. F. HODGE, From Within I Rise

O fool, thou fool, thou poor bragging fool!

HEINRICH HEINE, "The Song of the Oceanides"

At its core, bragging is a very individual form of self-expression and communication. A good self-promoter sneaks up on you, grabs your attention, and wins you over--without your even knowing he or she is doing it.

PEGGY KLAUS, Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

I, a Laconian dog, can bite again:
Yes, I can make the Daunian tiger flee,
Much more a bragging, foul-mouth'd whelp like thee.

HENRY KIRKE WHITE, The Remains of Henry Kirke White

There is one thing about hens that looks like wisdom--they don't cackle much until they have laid their eggs.

ANONYMOUS, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Apr. 22, 1876

Never brag, never bluster, never blush.

ROBERT BROWNING, Dramatis Personae

If I seem to boast more than is becoming, my excuse is that I brag for humanity rather than for myself.


Don't brag. It is not the whistle that moves the train.

D. V. RANGARAJAN, Sura's Quotable Quotes

Now I'm not too keen about bragging on myself
But you must admit I was the best.

KIM S. JONES, "Cup of Coffee," Ideas Echo Like Acoustics

If the world you wish to know,
Never by its speeches go.

EDWARD JOHN TURNOUR, "The World," Thoughts in Youth and Age

What cure for this, you malt-worm ? oh, my soul, How it does blush to know thee! bragging puppy!


Often, unaware, our writers paint
Themselves in every hero. Desperate taint!
Braggart authors make wild bragging plays,
Both kings and beggars sounding their own praise.

NICOLAS BOILEAU, The Art of Poetry

For a while they managed remarkably well; only their habit of bragging was prodigious.

EDGAR ALLAN POE, Some Words with a Mummy

O what a world is this we live in,
Too much bragging, little giving;
All is brazen-face pretension.

EDWARD JOHN TURNOUR, "The World," Thoughts in Youth and Age

I know you think I'm
Bragging a lot
But for goodness sake
What else have I got?


Some men think the sun comes up just to hear them crow.

KEN ALSTAD, Savvy Sayin's

Only one man has the right to boast, and that's the man who never does.

EVAN ESAR, 20,000 Quips & Quotes


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