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The strongest human emotion is fear. It's the essence of any good thriller that, for a little while, you believe in the boogeyman.

JOHN CARPENTER, Time, Nov. 16, 1987

To survive you have to withstand the changes in the business. This business has gone through so many changes since I was young and now it is on to something else. It is all weird today, for me, because I am from the old times. You just have to keep adapting. Isn't that Darwinism? The creature that adapts to its environment survives.

JOHN CARPENTER, interview, Aug. 31, 2010

I don't think CGI in it of itself is very scary. Creatures don't look too scary. Look fake. Things don't move. They move too fast. There's no inertia ... I shudder to think what The Thing would look like if we had to do it with computers. Honestly ... It wouldn't work.

JOHN CARPENTER, interview, Jul. 11. 2005

Horror is always the same. It changes with the culture and changes with technology. The stories are always the same. There are just two basic stories in horror, two simple ones -- evil is outside and evil is in here [points to his heart].

JOHN CARPENTER, interview, Aug. 31, 2010


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