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Dumb Fate whispers in no man's ear his coming doom;
Each thinks--"not I--not I."

DINAH CRAIK, "Looking Death in the Face"

He who in God lives, liveth evermore.

DINAH CRAIK, "Living: After a Death"

What small account
The All-living seems to take of this thin flame
Which we call life. He sends a moment's blast
Out of war's nostrils, and a myriad
Of these our puny tapers are blown out

DINAH CRAIK, "Looking Death in the Face"

Free, open-eyed,
We rush like bridegrooms to Death's grisly arms:
Surely the very longing for that clasp
Proves us immortal. Immortality
Alone could teach this mortal how to die.
Perhaps, war is but Heaven's great ploughshare, driven
Over the barren, fallow earthly fields,
Preparing them for harvest; rooting up
Grass, weeds, and flowers, which necessary fall,
That in these furrows the wise Husbandman
May drop celestial seed.

DINAH CRAIK, "Looking Death in the Face"

O blest one hour like this! to rise
And see grief's shadows backward roll;
While bursts on unaccustomed eyes
The glad Aurora of the soul.

DINA CRAIK, "An Aurora Borealis"

O, the mulberry-tree is of trees the queen!
Bare long after the rest are green;
But as time steals onwards, while none perceives
Slowly she clothes herself with leaves.

DINAH CRAIK, "The Mulberry-Tree"

Let every one of us cultivate, in every word that issues from our mouth, absolute truth. I say cultivate, because to very few people -- as may be noticed of most young children -- does truth, this rigid, literal veracity, come by nature. To many, even who love it and prize it dearly in others, it comes only after the self-control, watchfulness, and bitter experience of years.

DINAH CRAIK, A Woman's Thoughts About Women

A secret at home is like rocks under tide.

DINAH CRAIK, Magnus and Morna

No virtue ever was founded on a lie. The truth, then, at all risks and costs -- the truth from the beginning.

DINAH CRAIK, A Woman's Thoughts About Women


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