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All forms of commerce are adversarial.

BARRY DILLER, Playboy, Jul. 1989

I absolutely believe the Internet is passing from its free days into a paid system. Inevitably, I promise you, it will be paid. Not every single thing, but anything of value.

BARRY DILLER, ZDNEt interview, Jun. 10, 2009

I'm sure there are some commercial applications for Twitter, but they don't really interest me. I mean, 140 characters? I am really not interested in Ashton Kutcher's daily walks. Not for me.

BARRY DILLER, USA Today, Apr. 30, 2009

I'm very proud of my failures. I'm perverse that way.

BARRY DILLER, Playboy, Jul. 1989

All you really have to contribute is what you think.

BARRY DILLER, Playboy, Jul. 1989

Well, the Internet is this miracle. It is an absolutely extraordinary idea that you can press a send button, and you are publishing to the world.

BARRY DILLER, USA Today, Apr. 30, 2009

If you're going to deal in the world of ideas, you have to be, to some extent, a salesman. And you're going to sink or rise according to your ability to be a good salesman of ideas.

BARRY DILLER, Playboy, Jul. 1989

What has always interested me is building something. Once it gets built, I am less interested in it.

BARRY DILLER, Playboy, Jul. 1989

Paramount was a big part of my life and it meant a lot to me in a lot of ways. I think about it only romantically. I see it only as ... well, as something sweet. I never think about the struggle. And God knows there was a struggle. But we were all young and it was our first time in the movie business. We were the television generation. I was the very first television person to go into the movie business. I was treated poorly. I was treated as less than scum. I remember being hurt a lot.

BARRY DILLER, Playboy, Jul. 1989


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