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I know that children love Elmo. But children are idiots.

JOEL STEIN, Los Angeles Times, Aug. 15, 2006

All the Elmo Detractors are on one side, hissing and booing and throwing rocks and stuff, saying that Elmo is a one-note tickle-bot who takes the focus away from all the other Sesame characters. And I'm over on the other side (also known as: the side of truth and light), saying: Um, no. Not really.

DANNY HORN, "My Week with Elmo"

Elmo doesn't grow. People show him something and he laughs. He doesn't learn a lesson. It's the exact opposite of what old "Sesame Street" used to do. Elmo has been learning the same lesson his whole life, which is that Elmo likes Elmo.

JOHN LEE, Los Angeles Times, Aug. 15, 2006

Sesame [Street] was all about adults having the answers and giving kids instructions. "Elmo’s World" is all about kids getting interested in a topic, asking questions, making observations and drawing conclusions. Say what you like about The Red Menace (and I have, I have), "Elmo’s World" gets the pedagogy right. From now on, if you got a problem with Elmo, then you got a problem with me. I got that monster’s back.

DANNY HORN, "My Week with Sesame Street"


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