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God chooses to do His will according to His own time. He does not depend on our time. Our time is chronological and linear but God's time is timeless. He will act at the fullness of His time. Our prayer and urging may not necessarily rush God into action, but our prayer places us before Him in fellowship.

SAMUEL O. ENYIA, Prayer: God and You Alone

In search of what prayer is, some have defined it as speaking, communicating, questioning, listening, waiting, sharing and expressing our need to God. Prayer can be all of the above and much more. In short, prayer is the spoken or unspoken desire, the desperate longing, the hunger of our innermost search for God's attention, intervention, will and divine action to meet our needs. It is the hidden treasure of our innermost being--to meet with God.

SAMUEL O. ENYIA, Prayer: God and You Alone


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