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American comedian (1916-1987)

I didn't have things as a child, and I was determined to get them.

JACKIE GLEASON, 20/20, 1981

How sweet it is!

JACKIE GLEASON, The Honeymooners

When you first begin to make money and become a success, you say to yourself, "I'd better get all these things I wanted!" because how fruitless it would be if you could afford these things and didn't get them. So you accumulate everything. And then you begin to realize that the materialistic things aren't of a great value. It's just getting them. Once you've got them, they lose all the greatness.

JACKIE GLEASON, 20/20, 1981

I love this country. It's been good to me beyond my wildest dreams.

JACKIE GLEASON, Richard Nixon fundraising telethon

One of these days ... One of these days ... POW! Right in the kisser!

JACKIE GLEASON, The Honeymooners

It is difficult for people to appreciate their own laughter unless you show them some pathos along the way.

JACKIE GLEASON, 20/20, 1981

To the moon, Alice!

JACKIE GLEASON, The Honeymooners

My father disappeared when I was about seven years old, never to show up again, and my mother died when I was quite young, and I didn't start school 'til I was eight years old because I had a brother who died when he was fourteen, and then with my father leaving I was the only thing left that my mother had and she was overly attentive to me and she didn't even want me to go to school. I was never allowed out in the street to play with the other kids. I would sit on the window and watch all the kids playing.

JACKIE GLEASON, 20/20, 1981


JACKIE GLEASON, The Honeymooners

I knew that nobody could be on television week after week as themselves and exist for any length of time, because no one has that rich a personality.... So I knew that I had to create some characters.

JACKIE GLEASON, 20/20, 1981


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