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Glory, like the phoenix 'midst her fires,
Exhales her odours, blazes, and expires.

LORD BYRON, English Bards and Scotch Reviewers

Glory drags all men along, low as well as high, bound captive at the wheels of her glittering car.

HORACE, Satires

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

THOMAS GRAY, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is, the more he is inspired by glory.

CICERO, Pro archia

Glory built on selfish principles is shame and guilt.


Like madness is the glory of this life
As this pomp shows to a little oil and root.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, The Life of Timon of Athens

O how quickly passes away the glory of the earth.

THOMAS À KEMPIS, Imitation of Christ

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

THOMAS MOORE, Go Where Glory Waits Thee

Unless what we do is useful, our glory is vain.


For the glory born of Goodness
Never dies,
And its flag is not half-masted
In the skies.

BRET HARTE, "The Queen's Death"

There are two things which ought to teach us to think meanly of human glory; the very best have had their calumniators, the very worst their panegyrists.


Love of glory a virtue! A strange virtue truly, that calls to its aid the cooperation of all the vices, that finds stimulants in ambition, envy, vanity, sometimes even avarice! Would Titus have been Titus had he had as his ministers Sejanus, Narcissus, and Tigellinus?

CHAMFORT, The Cynic's Breviary

Glory is so enchanting, that we love whatever we associate with it, even though it be death.

ELIZA COOK, Diamond Dust

What was glory but something that reduced the more there were of you to share it?

IAIN M. BANKS, Surface Detail

I believe that each of us comes from the creator trailing wisps of glory.

MAYA ANGELOU, interview, Academy of Achievement, 1990

Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight
And I'm going to drink till I get my fill.
And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it,
But I probably will.
Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
A little of the glory of,
Well time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, "Glory Days", Born in the U.S.A.

Past glories are poor feeding.

ISAAC ASIMOV, Foundation


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