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Maxim Gorky (1868-1936)

Russian dramatist, novelist, and short story writer

The more a human creature has tasted of bitter things the more it hungers after the sweet things of life.


Everybody lives for something better to come. That's why we want to be considerate of every man— Who knows what's in him, why he was born and what he can do?

MAXIM GORKY, The Lower Depths

Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.

MAXIM GORKY, John Mason's Know Your Limits

You can't do without philosophy, since everything has its hidden meaning which we must know.


Every new time will give its law.

MAXIM GORKY, The New Lawyer's Wit and Wisdom

When one loves somebody everything is clear— where to go, what to do— it all takes care of itself and one doesn't have to ask anybody about anything.

MAXIM GORKY, Jerry Dorsman's How to Achieve Peace of Mind

Politics is something similar to the lower physiological functions, with the unpleasant difference that political functions are unavoidably carried out in public.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Intellectual force is qualitatively the first and foremost productive force, and concern for its rapid growth should be the ardent concern of all classes.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

The good qualities in our soul are most successfully and forcefully awakened by the power of art. Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Lies are the religion of slaves and masters. Truth is the god of the free man.

MAXIM GORKY, The Lower Depths

In war it is necessary to kill as many people as possible -- such is the cynical logic of war. Brutality in a fight is unavoidable; have you seen how cruelly children fight in the streets?

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Remembrance of the past kills all present energy and deadens all hope for the future.

MAXIM GORKY, "Creatures that Once were Men"

Everywhere, within man and without, there is devastation, instability, chaos, and evidence of some prolonged rout.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Politics is the soil in which the nettle of poisonous enmity, evil suspicions, shameless lies, slander, morbid ambitions, and disrespect for the individual grows rapidly and luxuriantly. Name anything bad in man and it is precisely in the soil of political struggle that it grows with particular liveliness and abundance.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Let us not search for the guilty ones only among others, let us speak the bitter truth: we are all guilty ... each and every one of us.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

The poor are always rich in children, and in the dirt and ditches of this street there are groups of them from morning to night, hungry, naked and dirty. Children are the living flowers of the earth, but these had the appearance of flowers that have faded prematurely, because they grew in ground where there was no healthy nourishment.

MAXIM GORKY, "Creatures that Once were Men"

Our salvation is in work, but let us also take delight in that work.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

The revolution has overthrown the monarchy, true! But perhaps this means that the revolution simply has driven the skin disease inside the organism.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

To speak the truth is the most difficult of all arts, for in its "pure" form, not connected with the interests of individuals, groups, classes, or nations, truth is almost completely unsuitable for use by the Philistine and is unacceptable to him.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Just think, reader, what will happen to you if the truth of a mad beast overpowers the sane truth of man?

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

All that is called Destiny or Fate is none other than the result of our thoughtlessness and our mistrust of ourselves; we should know that all that is created on earth is created by its sole Master and Laborer -- Man.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Our most merciless enemy is our past.

MAXIM GORKY, Untimely Thoughts

Winter is approaching. Yes, it is approaching ... How to live?

MAXIM GORKY, Creatures That Once Were Men

Truth doesn't always heal a wounded soul.

MAXIM GORKY, The Lower Depths

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