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Love and a cough cannot be hid.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

Farewell deare flowers, sweetly your time ye spent,
Fit, while ye liv’d, for smell or ornament,
And after death for cures.


By no means run in debt: take thine own measure,
Who cannot live on twenty pound a year,
Cannot on forty.

GEORGE HERBERT, The Church Porch

Wealth is the Conjurer's Devil,
Whom, when he thinks he hath, the Devil hath him.

GEORGE HERBERT, The Church-Porch

Gold thou mayst safely touch; but if it stick
Unto thy hands, it woundeth to the quick.

GEORGE HERBERT, The Church-Porch

Many, affecting wit beyond their power,
Have got to be a dear fool for an hour.


Wit is an unruly engine, wildly striking sometimes a friend, sometimes the engineer.

GEORGE HERBERT, The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert

It is a poor sport that is not worth the candle.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

Sweet spring is full of sweet days and roses; it is a box of variegated sweets.

GEORGE HERBERT, attributed, Day's Collacon

The Friar preached against stealing, and had a goose in his sleeve.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

Sweet rose, whose hue, angry and brave,
Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye,
Thy root is even in the grave,
And thou must die.


He that will learn to pray, let him go to Sea.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

The virtue of a coward is suspicion.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

Praise the sea, but keep on land.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

Stay a little, and news will find you.

GEORGE HERBERT, Jacula Prudentum

He hath no leisure who useth it not.

GEORGE HERBERT, "Jacula Prudentum", The Poetical Works of George Herbert

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