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Language is an impure medium. Speech is public property and words are the soiled products, not of nature, but of society, which circulates and uses them for a thousand different ends.

EDWARD HIRSCH, How to Read a Poem

The poet wants justice. And the poet wants art. In poetry we can't have one without the other.

EDWARD HIRSCH, The Kenyon Review, Spring 2000

There has never been a great poet who wasn’t also a great reader of poetry.

EDWARD HIRSCH, interview, 2007

Poetry never loses its appeal. Sometimes its audience wanes and sometimes it swells like a wave. But the essential mystery of being human is always going to engage and compel us. We’re involved in a mystery. Poetry uses words to put us in touch with that mystery. We’re always going to need it.

EDWARD HIRSCH, interview, 2007

I felt an angel's possessing grip, the flames
rising from your skin,
the shadow of the divine.

EDWARD HIRSCH, O Magazine, Feb. 2007


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