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Hollywood's a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for kiss, and fifty cents for your soul.


You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer’s heart.

FRED ALLEN, John Robert Colombo's Popcorn in Paradise

Isn’t Hollywood a dump—in the human sense of the word. A hideous town, pointed up by the insulting gardens of its rich, full of the human spirit at a new low of debasement.

F. SCOTT FITZGERALD, letter, Jul. 29, 1940

Hollywood isn't your cesspool, America. It's your mirror.

BILL MAHER, Real Time with Bill Maher, Feb. 25, 2005

I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.

ANDY WARHOL, The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners

I think there is a predisposition among Christians that Hollywood is anti-Jesus or anti-Christianity. I was warned I'd have to fight to maintain the freedom to express my beliefs. It's an unfair stereotype, and so far that's been the farthest from the truth. While everyone I work with may not share my beliefs, I have been surrounded by nothing but support.

CLAY AIKEN, Today's Christian Magazine, Nov/Dec. 2005

Hollywood didn't kill Marilyn Monroe, it's the Marilyn Monroes who are killing Hollywood.

BILLY WILDER, Gene Shalit's Great Hollywood Wit

Suicide is much easier and more acceptable in Hollywood than growing old gracefully.


I believe that God felt sorry for actors so he created Hollywood to give them a place in the sun and a swimming pool. The price they had to pay was to surrender their talent.

SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE, A Victorian in Orbit

In Hollywood, the women are all peaches. It makes one long for an apple occasionally.

W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM, Gene Shalit's Great Hollywood Wit

Hollywood is a place where people from Iowa mistake each other for movie stars.

FRED ALLEN, Dick Enberg's Humorous Quotes for All Occasions

Failure is regarded in Hollywood as practically a contagious disease; people will literally cross the road to avoid someone who is tainted with it.

BARRY NORMAN, The Film Greats

In Hollywood the man who cleans your pool is an actor. The man who sells you your copy of Variety is an actor. I don't think there's a real person left in the place.

NEIL GAIMAN, Signal to Noise

Today, the only thing Hollywood swears by is space adventures because that's what goes over well. For my part, I trust my instinct and I make the films I believe in. If the public follows me, that's wonderful. If it doesn't follow, "c'est la vie."

CLINT EASTWOOD, Clint Eastwood: Interviews

In Hollywood a girl's virtue is much less important than her hairdo.


The way to be successful in Hollywood is to be as obnoxious as the next guy.

SYLVESTER STALLONE, Gene Shalit's Great Hollywood Wit

Everybody steals from everybody, that's Hollywood.


Hollywood is a place that attracts people with massive holes in their souls.

JULIA PHILLIPS, London Times, Apr. 3, 1991

Hollywood seems to succumb to fads. Well, action films do well. Give me violence. Give me a scene where there's a couple of car chases or shooting and stuff like that. They're forgetting the fact that there's a basic structure to a story that is essential to making it really broad and appealing.

CLINT EASTWOOD, Psychology Today, Jan. 1, 1993

Hollywood has always been a cage ... a cage to catch our dreams.

JOHN HUSTON, London Times, Dec. 27, 1987

You know, the only place in America where the millionaires and billionaires are predominantly liberal is here in Hollywood.

BILL MAHER, "The Great Thing About Having Been Poor," HuffPost, Mar. 1, 2012

Hollywood's a great place to live ... if you're a grapefruit.

ROD SERLING, Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval

Hollywood is a strange place. The class structure here is more rigid than almost anyplace I've ever experienced. It's made more difficult by the fact that it's constantly changing. You never know what class you belong to unless you're one of the two or three people that have been in the same echelon for a long, long time.

ALAN ARKIN, Esquire, Mar. 2007

I think Hollywood is in love with sequels. If it's successful once, just jazz it up and shoot it out there again. I think it's unfortunate.

PAUL NEWMAN, IGN interview, Jun. 9, 2006

In Hollywood if you don't have a shrink, people think you're crazy.

JOHNNY CARSON, The Tonight Show

An associate producer is the only guy in Hollywood who will associate with a producer.

FRED ALLEN, attributed, The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners

[The Player is] not a truthful indictment of Hollywood. It's much uglier than I portrayed it, but nobody would've been interested if I'd shown just how sadistic, cruel and self-orientated it is.

ROBERT ALTMAN, interview, Total Film: The Modern Guide to Movies, Mar. 15, 2004

Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' -- this is Hollywood.

J. F. LAWTON, Pretty Woman

Strip the phony tinsel off Hollywood and you'll find the real tinsel underneath.

OSCAR LEVANT, Inquisition in Eden

In Hollywood a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk.

RITA RUDNER, stand-up routine

My own experiences in dealing with "Hollywood" types is that most are pathological liars, ignorant in the ways of literature and art, lacking in common sense, and incredibly arrogant. They will make empty promises, waste a writer's time, screw in moronic ways with his material, and generally distract a writer from accomplishing anything worthwhile.

RICHARD LAYMON, "Richard Laymon: A Horror Writer with BITE", Mania, June 30, 2000

There's nothing the matter with Hollywood that a good earthquake couldn't cure.

MOSS HART, The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners


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