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The magic key that unlocks the treasure house of infinite supply is FAITH in the almighty God whom Jesus called His Father--the Supreme Life-giver--and realization that nothing is impossible with God. Faith that He hears when you call, or ask for anything, and knowledge that it is His pleasure to give you the desires of your heart to make your life comfortable and happy. I have often said in my lectures all over the world that if the dear, precious souls who are in the poorhouses today had known the power of FAITH, they could be living in beautiful homes and have someone to take care of them if that was their desire. If they had asked God in their daily prayers to provide such homes. Instead of that, those same dear souls have told me they lived lives of fear that they would end their days in a poorhouse. Therefore there was no other place for them. They could not end their days in a rich-house when all the time they were visualizing a poorhouse.

PHOEBE MARIE HOMES, Faith: The Magic Key to Miracle Healing


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