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Coming out of high school, I think it was good for me instead of going to college because college and the NBA are two different things. You can dominate on the college level, but the NBA is a whole different story. The dudes that do the best are the ones who work hard.

DWIGHT HOWARD, interview, Jan. 26, 2005

The NBA is not for everybody. And looking from the outside in like I did last year, it seems so easy from just watching, but on the court it is a whole different level.

DWIGHT HOWARD, interview, Jan. 26, 2005

I'm just going to keep working. Spend more days in the gym, as possible. Just trying to get my game up, and just keep playing. And if it's in God's will for me to win, then I'll get it.

DWIGHT HOWARD, interview, Dec. 12, 2004

I'm trying to earn everything given to me. I play hard and I want guys to remember that when they play the Magic they have to face Dwight Howard. And when you face him you have to get after it.

DWIGHT HOWARD, Florida Today, Dec. 8, 2005

I want to be the greatest player ever in my era.

DWIGHT HOWARD, interview, Jan. 26, 2005


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