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I think that Donald Rumsfeld did a great job for our country.

DUNCAN HUNTER, North County Times, Nov. 8, 2006

We understand now that the decision to go into the military is a family decision in many cases. America's families send their young people to serve in the Armed Forces because they believe that the Armed Forces are a wholesome environment for their young people. If they come to the conclusion that the Armed Forces is not a wholesome environment for their young people, and all the information we have is, if we lift the ban on homosexuals in the military, America's families that traditionally send their young people to the Armed Forces will come to that conclusion, will feel that the environment is no longer wholesome, is no longer good for their young person, then we are going to see a downward spiral in the volunteering for America's military that has made our modern military forces the best in the world. That is going to greatly damage our capability to project power around the world, to protect our own freedom, and to protect the freedom of our allies.

DUNCAN HUNTER, speech to House of Representatives, Jun. 22, 1993

Of all the nations in the world, the people of the United States like freedom maybe a little better than anybody else.

DUNCAN HUNTER, speech to House of Representatives, Aug. 10, 1994

I think it's time for Americans, right up through our CEOs in the top aerospace companies, to start pulling together. And that means instead of going out and buying that Mitsubishi machine tool, you say, "Wait a minute. What do U.S. companies make? What can we get in this Ohio base of machine tool companies."

DUNCAN HUNTER, Lou Dobbs Tonight, May 28, 2004

Media scrutiny is a great trademark of the American political arena.

DUNCAN HUNTER,, Oct. 31, 2006

The decision to leave [Iraq] should be based solely on the judgment of the combatant commanders on the ground who say, "My Iraqi counterparts can now handle this particular area of the country on their own with minimum American support or with no American support." When they can do that, we should leave.

DUNCAN HUNTER, Online NewsHour, Nov. 17, 2005

It is because Americans are a little bit different from folks in the other parts of the world. We are a country full of people that appreciate when Government gives you some security, it takes away some of your freedom.

DUNCAN HUNTER, speech to House of Representatives, Aug. 10, 1994

I was just looking at the price tag of some of our high performance aircraft that we are going to be buying. You look at it and you say, we do not want to pay that, and then you reflect on the prisoners of war and that incredible defensive barrier that our pilots had to fly in, fly through to get into their targets in North Vietnam, and you say to yourself at that point I only want our pilots to have the very best. So while I guess I am like everybody else, I get a little sticker shock when I look at the price of an aircraft. Of course, we get the same thing when we look at the price of a new car today in this country. I reflect when I see the incredible courage of those who strap themselves into that cockpit and fly out to protect American freedom and to protect our country, that they need the very, very best.

DUNCAN HUNTER, Congressional floor statement, Jul. 20, 2005

Americans read these things, folks. Ultimately they find out what we vote on. So we better doggone well read the documents ourselves before we vote on them.

DUNCAN HUNTER, speech to House of Representatives, Aug. 10, 1994

Blue collar workers cannot hire each other. White collar workers cannot hire each other. You have to have a businessman or a businesswomen, a business owner to hire you. And you cannot make the environment so unfriendly to them or so unprofitable or so burdensome that they go out of business,because if they go out of business, you are out of a job.

DUNCAN HUNTER, speech to House of Representatives, Aug. 10, 1994

This century is going to be a very dangerous century.

DUNCAN HUNTER, San Diego Reader, May 27, 2004


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