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If you get too patient then the next thing you know the blocks are gone and you don’t get the necessary yards. If you are not being patient enough you commit that crucial block where that lineman just needs a half a second to get over to the linebacker. It all has to do with timing and if you can time it right it’s not going to work 100 percent of the time, but if you hit it at the right amount of times you can bust off 30 or 40-yard runs.

LARRY JOHNSON, interview, Dec. 7, 2005

I worry about every little thing that goes on. I worry about if I mess up, I worry if we don’t win these last couple of games will they blame me? There are a lot of stressful situations that I worry about all the time more than being happy or breaking a single-game record. I’m worried about a lot of things that are maybe out of my control or in my control. If I can knock those things out of the way, maybe I can be a happier person.

LARRY JOHNSON, Kansas City Star, Nov. 27, 2005

You get a young guy, tattooed up, diamonds everywhere, who can talk and speak his mind but also back it up, and it kind of rubs people the wrong way. Usually out there, everybody's old. It's like the Bush Republican crowd. Nobody's going to want to accept something strange. They're always going to fear what they don't understand and don't know.

LARRY JOHNSON, Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 3, 2005

A quiet, honest guy. That’s who I am. I don’t even like to talk much. I prefer not to talk. But if something’s wrong, if something’s in my heart to say, I’ve got to say it.

LARRY JOHNSON, Kansas City Star, Nov. 27, 2005

It all has to do with defense.

LARRY JOHNSON, interview, Dec. 7, 2005


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