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No one becomes depraved all at once.

JUVENAL, Satires

It is not easy for men to rise whose qualities are thwarted by poverty.

JUVENAL, Satires

Astrology reveals the will of the gods.

JUVENAL, attributed, Day's Collacon

A lucky man is rarer than a white crow.

JUVENAL, Satires

It is difficult not to write satire.

JUVENAL, Satires

No man e'er reached the heights of vice at first.

JUVENAL, attributed, Encyclopædia of Quotations: A Treasury of Wisdom, Wit and Humor, Odd Comparisons and Proverbs

And there's a lust in man no charm can tame
Of loudly publishing our neighbour's shame;
On eagles' wings immortal scandals fly,
While virtuous actions are but borne to die.

JUVENAL, Satires

The poor were wise, who, by the rich oppressed,
Withdrew, and sought a secret place of rest.

JUVENAL, Satires

Go, madman! rush over the wildest Alps, that you may please children and be made the subject of declamation.

JUVENAL, Satires

Every man's credit is proportioned to the money which he has in his chest.

JUVENAL, Satires

Lost money is wept for with real tears.

JUVENAL, Satires

Luck often raises vulgarity to a high position, to create mirth for the beholders.

JUVENAL, attributed, Day's Collacon

Juvenal - a biography.


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