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American fashion designer

I think fantasies are for the birds; anything I wanted to do, I did. If there's something I want, nothing stops me.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

It's when they stop copying, that's when we're really in trouble.

CALVIN KLEIN, Larry King Live, Jun. 5, 2000

It's fun seeing my label on someone's behind -- I like that.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

I've never been interested in dressing people who are on the social list. I've always been interested in dressing what I call the modern American woman and women around the world who really are influenced by this modern American working woman. She's active, she's young, you know, she has a family, and all of that. She's not necessarily on the social list.

CALVIN KLEIN, Larry King Live, Jun. 5, 2000

Jeans are my calling card.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

My advice is you need to have a vision. Be confident. Or act as if you are confident as a way to get people to believe in you. Then repetition is reputation. Keep growing, keep changing, but always remain true to yourself and your vision.

CALVIN KLEIN, Vogue, Oct. 2011

The more well-known you are, you become a target.

CALVIN KLEIN, Larry King Live, Jun. 5, 2000

I don't think about my fame very much and I don't dwell on success. Maybe that's one reason I'm successful.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

The fashion world can truly be a jungle filled with manufacturers who come up from the bottom and are so tough, insecure, jealous and greedy that there is a kind of animal, killer instinct in them. It's a fiercely competitive business.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

When I get into bed at night, I hope I don't get into it alone!

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

I refuse to show in Paris, because I'm an American designer first. And I feel so strong about the American influence, that we Americans in the world of design have had such a strong influence that most Americans are now designing in Italy, in France. And we've had this amazing influence, and I feel it's important to continue to show here.

CALVIN KLEIN, Larry King Live, Jun. 5, 2000

Designer jeans are a relatively new phenomenon; people who ordinarily wouldn't have worn the Western jeans thought it was okay to wear them if they had a designer name on them, as opposed to Levi's, Lee or Wrangler -- the traditional jeans manufacturers. My name is on the outside of the jeans and on the inside of almost everything else I make. It represents security, a certain sense of taste and experience.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

Ultimately, love is much more important than sex and sex becomes greater when you're really in love.

CALVIN KLEIN, Playboy, May 1984

I don't set out, and we as a company don't set out, to have something become controversial. We -- it may seem rather innocent and naive, but often the goal is to be inventive, creative, on the edge, always thinking about young people and what they might think is cool and of the moment and sometimes provocative and sexy. So that could add up to controversy.

CALVIN KLEIN, Larry King Live, Jun. 5, 2000

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