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What man calls civilization always results in deserts.

DON MARQUIS, what the ants are saying in archy does his part

It wont be long now it wont be long
man is making deserts of the earth
it wont be long now
before man will have used it up
so that nothing but ants
and centipedes and scorpions
can find a living on it.

DON MARQUIS, Archy Does His Part

As the skull of the man grows broader, so do his creeds.
And his gods they are shaped in his image and mirror his needs.
And he clothes them with thunders and beauty,
He clothes them with music and fire,
Seeing not, as he bows by their altars,
That he worships his own desire.

DON MARQUIS, The God-Maker, Man

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.

DON MARQUIS, The Lives and Times of Archy & Mehitabel


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