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Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

JESUS, Matthew 5:5

At the present rate, there isn't going to be much left of the earth for the meek to inherit.


Use meekness with discretion, casting not pearls before swine.
For a fool will tread upon thy neck, if he seeth the lying in the dust;
And there be companies and seasons where resolute bearing is but duty.

MARTIN FARQUHAR TUPPER, Proverbial Philosophy

Jesus said the meek would inherit the earth, but so far all we've gotten is Minnesota and North Dakota.

GARRISON KEILLOR, "When I'm 64,", Aug. 8, 2006

Meekness is really the power of self-control. And greater is he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

GEORGE A. EDGAR, Christian Nation, Feb. 9, 1910

He who has found Meekness has found divinity; he has realized divine consciousness, and knows himself as divine. He also knows all others as divine, though they know it not themselves, being asleep and dreaming. Meekness is a divine quality, and as such is all powerful. The meek man overcomes by not resisting, and by allowing himself to be defeated he attains to the Supreme Conquest.

JAMES ALLEN, Mind is the Master

Meekness is not weakness, but spiritual strength harnessed for service.

JOE COTHEN, The Pulpit is Waiting

Meekness is hanging on the cross when you could have summoned Legions of Angels to destroy us all. Meekness is JESUS!

HOWARD R. CARTER, Single in the Church

Meekness is one of those mysterious virtues that we hardly even ponder. We may gossip that some blowhard is hardly humble, but we don't think, "You know, what that guy needs is a little more meekness." Meekness sounds wimpy, almost negative. If someone's meek, it sounds like they're a pushover. A doormat. A wimp. But here's the reality: true meekness exerts incredible power. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is strength. It has softened hearts and toppled empires. It's a power that can't be countered.


Meekness is not a soft, yielding, natural disposition, nor a prudent bridling of a passionate nature; but it is humility applied to the world, not taking offense at the offenses of the world.

GEORGE A. EDGAR, Christian Nation, Feb. 9, 1910

Meekness is tender; consulting the feelings of others, and willing to bear much pain rather than inflict any.

ANONYMOUS, The Christian Gleaner and Domestic Magazine, Jul. 1827

Those who have tried meekness know the importance of being important.

GEORGE ADE, "The Fable of the Two Ways of Going Out After the Pay Envelope", True Bills

Meekness is power completely surrendered to God's control.

JOHN MACARTHUR, The MacArthur Study Bible

Beware the meek ... for we shall attempt to inherit the Earth.


Meekness is when you are in a position of strength and power--yet you choose not to use that power against your opponent, your critic, your accuser, your persecutor.

MICHAEL YOUSSEF, 15 Secrets to a Wonderful Life

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