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I only want to play basketball, and play it well and be happy about it. But I realize that with being famous comes a lot of demands.

YAO MING, interview, Sep. 3, 2002

Moving to the US was quite a transition for me, to say the least! There were, and still are so many new things to get used to: the language, food, culture, even the style of basketball is different here!

YAO MING, official website diary, Mar. 28, 2005

As I got better and better, there were a lot of double teams, and I drew a lot of defenders, so I had to learn how to pass the ball, and get it off to my teammates, because the more people that came to defend me, that means there are more openings for other players.

YAO MING, interview, Nov. 14, 2003

It's always nice to start the season with a win.

YAO MING, official website diary, NOv. 3, 2005

I think I'll stick to what I'm used to, my principle, and that is team No. 1 and individual No. 2.

YAO MING, interview, Sep. 3, 2002

All of the Chinese people, the Asian people say, "Oh Yao Ming, you are all the Chinese, all of Asia's hopes." That's a lot of pressure. I'm just a basketball player.

YAO MING, National Geographic News, May 30, 2003

I understand basketball is not my entire life. It's only a part of my life. And there are a lot of other things that interest me a great deal ... other goals to seek, and this is how I have balance in life.

YAO MING, interview, Sep. 3, 2002


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