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Sweet is the breath of morn, her rising sweet,
With charm of earliest birds.

JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost

Morning is the fresh page of nature.


Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?

J. R. R. TOLKIEN, The Hobbit

Rise early, that by habit it may become familiar, agreeable, healthy, and profitable. It may, for a while, be irksome to do this, but that will wear off; and the practice will produce a rich harvest forever thereafter; whether in public or private walks of life.

GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to George Washington Parke Custis, Jan. 7, 1798

Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night
Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight:
And Lo! the Hunter of the East has caught
The Sultan's Turret in a Noose of Light.

EDWARD FITZGERALD, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

DAWN! thou hast every possibility of life! What canst thou not reveal to man in thy flaming sky? Enough thou sayest, to recreate a world of men. Blind are we. How many of us read thy words aright? We pass them by, cold letters, divining not the fire of eternal life behind them burning. Dawn, thy opportunity is full! We, alas, know not the meaning of thy gorgeous page. Dazed we watch thy letters pale; cold embers, left upon the sky; Life's opportunity flickering into naught.


The sky rejoices in the morning's birth.

WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, Resolution and Independence

Each Morn a thousand Roses brings, you say;
Yes, but where leaves the Rose of Yesterday?

EDWARD FITZGERALD, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Morning ... 'tis Nature's gayest hour!

SARAH JOSEPHA HALE, "Summer Morning"

There are few of us that are not rather ashamed of our sins and follies as we look out on the blessed morning sunlight, which comes to us like a bright-winged angel beckoning us to quit the old path of vanity that stretches its dreary length behind us.

GEORGE ELIOT, Mr. Gilfil's Love Story

The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day. It is a blessed baptism which gives the first waking thoughts into the bosom of God.

HENRY WARD BEECHER, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

A day! It has risen upon us from the great deep of eternity, girt round with wonder; emerging from the womb of darkness; a new creation of life and light spoken into being by the word of God.

E. H. CHAPIN, Living Words

When Dawn strides out to wake a dewy farm
Across green fields and yellow hills of hay
The little twittering birds laugh in his way
And poise triumphant on his shining arm.
He bears a sword of flame but not to harm
The wakened life that feels his quickening sway
And barnyard voices shrilling "It is day!"
Take by his grace a new and alien charm.
But in the city, like a wounded thing
That limps to cover from the angry chase,
He steals down streets where sickly arc-lights sing,
And wanly mock his young and shameful face;
And tiny gongs with cruel fervor ring
In many a high and dreary sleeping place.

JOYCE KILMER, "Alarm Clocks"

Daylight is nobody's friend.
God comes in like a landlord
and flashes on his brassy lamp.

ANNE SEXTON, "You All Know the Story of the Other Woman"

Will't ne'er be morning? Will that promis'd light
Ne'er break, and clear those clouds of night?
Sweet Phosphor, bring the day,
Whose conqu'ring ray
May chase these fogs.


Early morning does not mince words.


Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.

DANIEL HANDLER (as Lemony Snicket), The Blank Book

No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be.


When darkness sifts from the air like fine soft soot and light spreads slowly out of the east then all but the most wretched of humankind rally.

JOHN BANVILLE, The Infinities

Morning can always be counted on to bring us back to a more realistic level.

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, The Night of the Iguana

Enormous morning, ponderous, meticulous;
gray light streaking each bare branch,
each single twig, along one side,
making another tree, of glassy veins.


These hours before first light were merciless. You could not go back to sleep and it was too early to get up and the things you had done or not done lay in your mind immovable as misshapen things you'd erected from stone.

WILLIAM GAY, Provinces of Night

Every morning is new as the last one, uncreased
as the not quite imaginable first.


The light of morning decomposes everything.


Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.

GLEN COOK, Sweet Silver Blues

Dawn has power to fertilise the most matter-of-fact vision.



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