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Artificial intelligence is that field of computer usage which attempts to construct computational mechanisms for activities that are considered to require intelligence when performed by humans.

DEREK PARTRIDGE, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering

Computers are machines and thus not subject to the biases and prejudices that distort human information processing and decision making--computers are objective in some absolute sense. In addition, computers are driven by purely logical mechanisms that are open to inspection; thus, computer-generated results must be totally rational and logical--they must be the "truth." Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), the most utter rubbish and prejudice-saturated nonsense is as easily generated from logical mechanisms as by any other means. The use of a logical basis in no way guarantees correct and true conclusions. In fact, quite the contrary is the case. Simple classical logic is singularly ineffective in the empirical world of incomplete and poor quality information.... Thus, computers are, in general, no more infallible than you, or I, or the persons who programmed them.

DEREK PARTRIDGE, Artificial Intelligence and Business Management


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