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Surrealism is not a school of poetry but a movement of liberation ... A way of rediscovering the language of innocence, a renewal of the primordial pact, poetry is the basic text, the foundation of the human order. Surrealism is revolutionary because it is a return to the beginning of all beginnings.

OCTAVIO PAZ, Alternating Current

today is today, always today, always the noise of trains that nightly tear night apart

OCTAVIO PAZ, Selected Poems

Reality is a staircase neither up nor down, we don't move, today is today, always is today,
always the sound of trains that depart each night towards night,
the resort to toothless words,
the boring through of the wall, the comings and goings, reality shutting doors,
putting in commas, the punctuation of time

OCTAVIO PAZ, "Is there no way out?", Selected Poems


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