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Revolutions never go backwards.

WENDELL PHILLIPS, speech, Feb. 17, 1861

Society is the only field where the sexes have ever met on terms of equality, the arena where character is formed and studied, the cradle and the realm of public opinion, the crucible of ideas, the world's university, at once a school and a theatre, the spur and the crown of ambition, and the tribunal which unmasks pretension and stamps real merit.

WENDELL PHILLIPS, Fraternity Lecture, October 4, 1859

Every step of progress which the world has made has been from scaffold to scaffold, and from stake to stake.

WENDELL PHILLIPS, speech on the rights of women at the convention at Worcester, October 15-16, 1851

Power is ever stealing from the many to the few; the manna of popular liberty must be gathered each day, or it is rotten.

WENDELL PHILLIPS, Lectures and Speeches

Let me make the newspapers, and I care not what is preached in the pulpit or what is enacted in congress.

WENDELL PHILLIPS, attributed, Forty Thousand Quotations, Prose and Poetical


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