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I feel about exercise the same way that I feel about a few other things: that there is nothing wrong with it if it is done in private by consenting adults.

ANNA QUINDLEN, Living Out Loud

It’s babe feminism -- we’re young, we’re fun, we do what we want in bed -- and it has a shorter shelf life than the feminism of sisterhood. I’ve been a babe, and I’ve been a sister. Sister lasts longer.

ANNA QUINDLEN, New York Times, Jan. 19, 1994

If men got pregnant, there would be safe, reliable methods of birth control. They’d be inexpensive, too.

ANNA QUINDLEN, Living Out Loud

Look back, to slavery, to suffrage, to integration and one thing is clear. Fashions in bigotry come and go. The right thing lasts.

ANNA QUINDLEN, New York Times, Jan. 31, 1993

London has the trick of making its past, its long indelible past, always a part of its present. And for that reason it will always have meaning for the future, because of all it can teach about disaster, survival, and redemption. It is all there in the streets.

ANNA QUINDLEN, Imagined London

Catastrophe is numerical. Loss is singular, one beloved at a time.

ANNA QUINDLEN, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.

ANNA QUINDLEN, How Reading Changed My Life

London opens to you like a novel itself.... It is divided into chapters, the chapters into scenes, the scenes into sentences; it opens to you like a series of rooms, door, passsage, door. Mayfair to Piccadilly to Soho to the Strand.

ANNA QUINDLEN, Imagined London


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