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American poet (1891-1918)

Ah, love, 'tis a sorrowful land!

KENNETH RAND, "The Old Lovers"

The beauty that men seek is half a dream--
Where'er we wander, yet it lies afar;
It touches with its wand a setting star,
It stirs the ripple of an ebbing stream.
And though we run beyond the dawning gleam,
Or kneel to worship at an altar bright,
We may not know the soul of its delight,
Or more than marvel at its palest beam.

KENNETH RAND, "The True Magic"

I too was young once--or I think so--see,
How the years slip like coins from open hands!

KENNETH RAND, "The Prodigal"

Give me to die like a beast, afar, alone
With but the hawk and crow
To watch beside me while I cast my soul,
And but the sky to know
What my racked lips have uttered, what last groan,
Or curse or prayer, I breathed to heaven above.

KENNETH RAND, "Straw-Death"

And should men name me dead, I beg ye, say
"Nay, he but wearied here, and went away."

KENNETH RAND, "The Suicide"

I think we are what Time may make us--lords
Of wealth and land, or wagemen held at hire;
Turning the years, we gain our toil's desire,
Or lose, inopportune, its high rewards.

KENNETH RAND, "To the Time-God"

Love is a jeering mime.

KENNETH RAND, "Ante Lucem"

Oh, the morrow of pain and dole
Is naught while the sunlight lingers.

KENNETH RAND, "Eros Ephemeros"

Yet earth has never child she may not slay,
Nor sea a lover that she cannot kill.

KENNETH RAND, "The Suicide"

God is a creed outworn,
Ill-wrought from a mirage fair,
And life is an image pale
That faces a sunless morn.

KENNETH RAND, "Ante Lucem"

Let me leap naked through life's testing flame,
And bear to lose, and yet endure to win.

KENNETH RAND, "The World-Slave"

Ye are but actors moved at Time's behest,
And king or slave as shifts the pantomime.



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