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American songwriter (1900-1984)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

LEO ROBIN, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Come with me while the moon is on the sea
The night is young and so are we
Dreams come true in Blue Hawaii
And mine could all come true
This magic night of nights with you

LEO ROBIN, "Blue Hawaii"

It's easy to live when you're in love.

LEO ROBIN, "Easy Living"

Some sigh and cry for love
Ah, but in Pa-ree they die for love
Some waste away for love
Just the same - hooray for love!

LEO ROBIN, "Hooray for Love"

We said goodbye with a highball
Then I got as high as a steeple
But we were intelligent people
No tears, no fuss, hooray For us!

LEO ROBIN, "Thanks for the Memory"

For you maybe I'm a fool but it's fun.
People say you rule me with one wave of your hand.
Darling, it's grand, they just don't understand.

LEO ROBIN, "Easy Living"

Love is just around the corner
Any cozy little corner
Love is just around the corner
When I'm around you

LEO ROBIN, "Love Is Just Around the Corner"

I could ride away and hide away
Where we were miles apart
But when I got there I'd find you there
Right in my heart

LEO ROBIN, "I Can't Escape From You"

It's June in January
Because I'm in love
It always is spring in my heart
with you in my arms.

LEO ROBIN, "June in January"

My heart was a desert
You planted a seed
And this is the flower
This hour of sweet fulfillment

LEO ROBIN, "Love in Bloom"

Thanks for the memory
Of lingerie with lace, Pilsner by the case
And how I jumped the day you trumped my one-and-only ace
How lovely it was!

LEO ROBIN, "Thanks for the Memory"


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