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I think we need to take positive steps toward space solar-power systems. We need to move in a step-by-step manner. It's a real possibility to have a great new energy source for mankind.


Over ten years ago, when we voted to give China permanent Most Favored Trading Status, we were told that free trade and open economics would change them. But what really happened is they changed us. And now, because we have given China this position of strength, we cannot call them to task for all the evil acts they inflict on their own people or their aggressive acts abroad.

DANA ROHRABACHER, House Floor Speech in Opposition to Communist China as the Largest Foreign Holder of U.S. Debt, May 16, 2012

We're acting as if it was the old Cold War days, and it was a communist overture to do something — to dominate the world. Well, Putin has a right to watch out for the interests of the people there [Ukraine], just as the way we do in the United States, and just as the Ukrainian government should be doing watching out for the interests of the people of Ukraine.

DANA ROHRABACHER, interview, BuzzFeed Politics, Mar. 3, 2014

Shut up and get your mind in lockstep with the politically correct prevailing wisdom, or at least what the media tells us is the prevailing wisdom. And no questions, please, the case is closed. We have heard this dozens and dozens of times.

DANA ROHRABACHER, Floor Speech on Global Warming, Mar. 18, 2009

I have observed in my 30 years in Washington that when a President initiates a major policy speech on a controversial issue while Congress is in recess, it usually is because what he is advocating is indefensible and that he is seeking to minimize criticism.

DANA ROHRABACHER, speech on immigration policy, May 1, 2007

Fossil fuels, people like Al [Gore] tell us, put an ever-increasing level of "so called" greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and the most prevalent of which is carbon dioxide, "CO2." This increase in CO2, we are told, causes the warming that we are now supposed to be experiencing. This man-made warming cycle, according to the theory, is rapidly approaching a tipping point, as we just heard from Al, when the world's temperatures will abruptly jump and accelerate with dire and perhaps apocalyptic consequences for the entire planet. If one accepts this theory as fact, that man-made global warming is overwhelming our planet, then we would be expected to also accept controls, regulations, taxation, international planning and enforcement, mandated lifestyle changes, lowering expectations, limits to consumer choice, as well as personal and family sacrifices that are all going to be necessary for us to save the planet from--well, from us. And what are the costs of these controls?... Not only are we then going to have to cut our personal air and ground transportation, which will keep us at home, but when we stay at home, we can't even have a BBQ. And heck, they won't even let us have a hamburger.

DANA ROHRABACHER, Floor Speech on Global Warming, Mar. 18, 2009

The comprehensive immigration legislation that is being bandied around town by this President and by Members of Congress will be a green light to 100 million people throughout the world to do anything they can do to get to our country because we do not have the will to stop them. No matter how impenetrable the defense, no matter how diligent the border patrol, there will be no stopping them. Give them benefits, give them jobs, give them health care, give them every right to the treasures that belong to the citizens and legal immigrants who are in our country and they will come from overseas, and there will be nothing that we can do to stop them because we have given them the greatest incentive to come here, even though they are breaking our laws in doing so.

DANA ROHRABACHER, speech on immigration policy, May 1, 2007

We have heard about the flaws of our current healthcare system, high costs, lack of portability, lose a job—lose health insurance, discrimination of those with preexisting conditions. Yes, many of the heart-wrenching stories we are hearing to justify this legislation are real. But correcting those maladies requires specific reform, not transforming healthcare in America into a bureaucratically-managed health care system that will cost hundreds of billions, including billions to provide healthcare for illegal aliens, while at the same time cutting Medicare by hundreds of billions of dollars. This so-called reform will destroy the freedom of the American people to make health decisions with a doctor of their choice. It will transform our system, rather than reform it. And what we will end up with is a system that is massively more expensive, less effective, and will be based on government controls and rationing, rather than the patient-doctor relationship.

DANA ROHRABACHER, speech on House floor, Nov. 7, 2009

The interest we pay on this ever-growing debt of money is increasingly squeezing out spending on other worthwhile programs. Why then are we borrowing money from the Communist Chinese Government, a government that has declared us as their enemy, only to give it back to them with interest? China is the world’s largest human rights abuser; China’s government smashes those who advocate for a free press, free religious institutions, or a government accountable to its people. It arrests Chinese practitioners of Falun Gong, which stresses yoga and meditation. Beijing has these devout and passive people arrested, then murdered while in prison, then sells their organs and body parts.

DANA ROHRABACHER, House Floor Speech in Opposition to Communist China as the Largest Foreign Holder of U.S. Debt, May 16, 2012


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