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Right and wrong doesn't have anything to do with geography.

JOHN SAUL, Black Lightning

Children, no matter how gifted, can't see far into the future, you know. To them, a year is almost a lifetime, and telling them that things will be fine when they grow up does no good at all.

JOHN SAUL, Shadows

Love and money should properly have nothing to do with each other.

JOHN SAUL, Guardian

Men simply weren't worth the effort. They expected a great deal of support, both physical and emotional, and seemed to think that a few moments a week of sexual gratification should suffice to keep a woman happy.

JOHN SAUL, Midnight Voices

Most children feel immortal--they have no sense that they're ever going to die. For a child, even growing up is something that's barely comprehensible.

JOHN SAUL, Shadows

The wish is often father to the thought.

JOHN SAUL, Black Lightning

You can't run away from memories, no matter how hard you try.

JOHN SAUL, Midnight Voices

Nothing's ever done.... No matter what you do, or what you pretend, the past is there. You can't ignore it.

JOHN SAUL, When the Wind Blows

The country would be far better if the population were half as interested in keeping their minds in as good condition as they tried to keep their bodies.

JOHN SAUL, Black Lightning

Time is always relative.... For the terminally ill, six months are a lifetime, and not a very long one. To a three-year-old waiting for Christmas, it's an eternity so distant it's not even worth thinking about.

JOHN SAUL, Midnight Voices

Cop humor ... It's always sick--goes with the job.

JOHN SAUL, Black Lightning


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