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If sex is supposed to be satisfying and anxiety-free once we are safely ensconced in marriage, how come that's when many of us stop wanting it?

DAVID MORRIS SCHNARCH, Passionate Marriage

Marriage is often like Procrustes' famous code of hospitality. Procrustes built a bed for his guests the same way we build a marriage: according to his own expectations. Shorter visitors were stretched to fit; taller folks were surgically shortened. Likewise, your spouse will try to change you into what he or she thinks you should be, just as you have fine-tuning in mind for your partner.... Marriage is the procrustean bed in which we can develop and enhance our psychological and ethical integrity. It can be the cradle of adult development.

DAVID MORRIS SCHNARCH, Passionate Marriage

Nobody's ready for marriage. Marriage makes you ready for marriage.

DAVID MORRIS SCHNARCH, Passionate Marriage


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