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When I connect to my soul, project it into another character, and then bring it to the stage or to a film--that has always been for me the great joy of acting. It's been as if my soul kind of leaps out of my body and is able to be free and dance around.

KYRA SEDGWICK, Newsweek, Oct. 15, 2007

I think that women as a group are so powerful. I still don't think we are able to embrace our power well enough yet. We think we live in a man's world and we have to follow their rules, and yet, we're so different, and our rules are so different. I wish that we could come together more as a political force. If women ran the world, I don't believe that there would be war. I really don't.... We understand the bigger picture. We understand our impact on the environment, on the world. We understand the generations that will go after us because we gave birth to them.

KYRA SEDGWICK, Newsweek, Oct. 15, 2007


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