quotations about sex education

Young people are going to learn about sex and our question has to be where do we want them to learn? From the media? From their friends? Or do we want them to learn from an educated, responsible adult?

TAMARA KREININ, attributed, "Carnal Knowledge: The Sex Ed Debate"


Giving a condom to a teen is just like saying, "Well if you insist on killing yourself by jumping off the bridge, at least wear these elbow pads."

TEXAS FREEDOM NETWORK EDUCATION FUND, abstinence-only curricula used in public schools in Texas and Florida, Just Say Don't Know, February 2009


Let me give you some advice here: People who want to have the sex talk with you will act the same way as people who want to murder you. First they get you in their car, so they're in control and you can't escape. Then they drive you someplace in the middle of nowhere.

FLYNN MEANEY, The Boy Recession


I think sex education should include enhancing a girl's sexual self-image and self-esteem, and give her the tools to say "no", and ultimately "yes", when the time is right.

ANITA H. CLAYTON, Book World live discussion, February 13, 2007


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Sex education, including its spiritual aspects, should be part of a broad health and moral education from kindergarten through grade twelve, ideally carried out harmoniously by parents and teachers.

BENJAMIN SPOCK, Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care


The best sex education for kids is when Daddy pats Mommy on the fanny when he comes home from work.

WILLIAM H. MASTERS, NBC TV, August 16, 1971


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Our schools teach only the most basic principles of human reproduction: naming and identifying the sexual organs and a simple explanation of how the sperm fertilizes the ovum. If mathematics was taught in the same cursory manner as human sexuality, when children learned to count they would be considered masters of the subject.

BOB SMITH, Openly Bob


For the love of children and their future happiness as adults, do not shame their sexuality! Do not demonize having sex, which was exactly part of how they came to exist! Show them that sex can lead to having babies, but it also can be pleasurable for the sake of being pleasurable, that it can be a bonding experience between partners (of any gender), that it can feel good and also bring up confusing emotions, and most of all that it is OK to have it if and when they are ready. Then, one day, we may see a generation of adults who know what they want from sex and how to get it--consensually, married or unmarried, and with protection.

LEAH TORRES, "Sex Isn't Sinful, It's Natural--and We Should Teach Kids That", Self, August 24, 2017


Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don't believe the kids should be given homework.

BILL COSBY, The Joplin Globe, April 7, 2007


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I flip ahead in the textbook. There's an interesting chapter about acid rain. Nothing about sex. We aren't scheduled to learn about that until eleventh grade.



The persistent advocates of contraceptive-style sex education have become more and more resourceful in using taxpayer funds to impose their casual-sex attitudes and explicit-sex instruction on other people's children.

PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY, The Phyllis Schlafly Report, March 2001


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Does sex education encourage sex? Many parents are afraid that talking about sex with their teenagers will be taken as permission for the teen to have sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the more children learn about sexuality from talking with their parents and teachers and reading accurate books, the less they feel compelled to find out for themselves.

BENJAMIN SPOCK, Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care


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Conservatives say teaching sex education in the public schools will promote promiscuity. With our education system? If we promote promiscuity the same way we promote math or science, they've got nothing to worry about.



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Will sex education reduce or end AIDS, adolescent pregnancy, prostitution, sexual exploitation? Frankly, we do not know. But silence on sexual matters does not appear to be an option either ideologically or practically. Ideologically, ignorance is no advantage when others have knowledge, especially knowledge misused, and people who know nothing of sex can take risks unknowingly and be taken advantage of.

MARTHA CORNOG, For Sex Education, See Librarian


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Parents aren't sex education experts just because they are parents.

PEPPER SCHWARTZ, Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children


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You cannot have sex education without saying that sex is natural and that most people find it pleasurable.

BRUNO BETTELHEIM, "Our Children Are Treated Like Idiots", Psychology Today, July 1981


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I've got to bring out the big ammunition on sex education. The bra and girdle section of Sears just isn't doing it.

ERMA BOMBECK, Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your Own!


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Soaring rates of sexually transmitted diseases among teens are adding urgency to the debate over sex education. Conservatives claim the alarming statistics illustrate why abstinence should be the single mantra when it comes to sex ed. Liberals counter that the increase in disease is the strongest case for more detailed information. Caught in the middle are America's kids, who are more vulnerable than ever to potentially deadly diseases.

MOLLY MASLAND, "Carnal Knowledge: The Sex Ed Debate"


Before the child ever gets to school it will have received crucial, almost irrevocable sex education and this will have been taught by the parents, who are not aware of what they are doing.

MARY CALDERONE, People Magazine, January 21, 1980


Sex education is much more a matter of mind and spirit than of biology and physiology--more a matter of interpretation of facts and inspiration to ideals than of instruction alone.

THOMAS W. GALLOWAY, attributed, Journal of Social Hygiene, 1941