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It is the mind that maketh good or ill,
That maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor.

EDMUND SPENSER, The Faerie Queene

Who will not mercy unto others show,
How can he mercy ever hope to have?

EDMUND SPENSER, The Faerie Queene

But angels come to lead frail minds to rest
In chaste desires, on heavenly beauty bound.
You frame my thoughts, and fashion me within;
You stop my tongue, and teach my heart to speak.


At last, the golden orientall gate
Of greatest heaven gan to open fayre,
And Phoebus, fresh as brydegrome to his mate,
Came dauncing forth, shaking his dewie hayre;
And hurls his glistring beams through gloomy ayre.

EDMUND SPENSER, The Faerie Queene

Laws ought to be fashioned unto the manners and conditions of the people whom they are meant to benefit, and not imposed upon them according to the simple rule of right.

EDMUND SPENSER, The Works of Mr. Edmund Spenser

Lastly came Winter cloathed all in frize,
Chattering his teeth for cold that did him chill;
Whilst on his hoary beard his breath did freese,
And the dull drops, that from his purpled bill
As from a limebeck did adown distill:
In his right hand a tipped staffe he held,
With which his feeble steps he stayed still;
For he was faint with cold, and weak with eld;
That scarce his loosed limbes he hable was to weld.

EDMUND SPENSER, The Faerie Queene

Along the shore of silver-streaming Thames,
Whose rushy bank the which his river hems.

EDMUND SPENSER, "Prothalamion", Hymns, Visions, Elegiac poems

His rawbone cheeks, through penury and pine,
Were shrunk into his jaws, as he did never dine.

EDMUND SPENSER, The Faerie Queene

Her lips like cherries charming men to bite.

EDMUND SPENSER, "Epithalamion", The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser Poems - a collection of his poetry.


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