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Sad men made angels of the sun, and of
The moon they made their own attendant ghosts,
Which led them back to angels, after death.

WALLACE STEVENS, Evening Without Angels

The imagination is man’s power over nature.

WALLACE STEVENS, "Adagia," Opus Posthumous

The stars are putting on their glittering belts.
They throw around their shoulders cloaks that flash
Like a great shadow's last embellishment.

WALLACE STEVENS, "The Auroras of Autumn"

It leaps through us, through all our heavens leaps,
Extinguishing our planets, one by one,
Leaving, of where we were and looked, of where
We knew each other and of each other thought,
A shivering residue, chilled and foregone,
Except for that crown and mystical cabala.

WALLACE STEVENS, "The Auroras of Autumn"

The yellow glistens.
It glistens with various yellows,
Citrons, oranges and greens
Flowering over the skin.

WALLACE STEVENS, "Study of Two Pears", The Palm at the End of the Mind: Selected Poems and a Play

It is necessary to any originality to have the courage to be an amateur.

WALLACE STEVENS, Opus Posthumous: Poems, Plays, Prose


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