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I could make Basic Instinct 16. If guys will keep thinking I'm hot, I might turn it into a TV series.

SHARON STONE, USA Today, Mar. 27, 2006

I think men believe what they see in the movies -- that I am going to throw my head back and have an orgasm in two minutes. I have never done that. It is implausible.

SHARON STONE, The Independent, Jan. 11, 1997

Stardom is no longer the fuel of my soul. It is the deeper aspects of life that nurture me. And I realise I am very blessed.

SHARON STONE, "The Irrepressible Sharon Stone is Stunning in Lovelace", PCM World News, August 2013

I once did a Sprite commercial where I had to come out of the train station, jump out of a turnstile, jump on the side of a moving train. I had to run down the top of this moving train while it was going through the mountains and valleys. It was really hairy. I got my honorary stuntwoman card for that. I was proud.

SHARON STONE, USA Today, Mar. 27, 2006


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