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People talk about this being the most polarized time politically. I’ve read enough history to know what the Federalists said about the Republicans and the Republicans said about the Federalists during the founding of this country. Things are pretty tame compared with that. We haven’t seen one senator take a cane to another on Capitol Hill. Sure, there are divisions—heartfelt divisions. But I’d much rather see them on the airwaves or over the internet than in the streets.

CHRIS WALLACE, Playboy, Feb. 2012

You always know less than the person you’re interviewing, but I’ve been interviewing people for 40 years, so I’m comfortable in the territory.

CHRIS WALLACE, Playboy, Feb. 2012

The most irritating guest is not somebody who argues or disagrees with you. The most irritating is somebody who just won’t get off the talking points, who is going to say what they’re going to say and won’t engage in actual conversation. That’s somebody I feel wastes our viewers’ time.

CHRIS WALLACE, Playboy, Feb. 2012

I think same-sex marriage should be legal. I can see no good reason why not. They’re committed couples. They’re not hurting anybody. They bring love and stability and raise children. I can understand people who have problems with it. I had problems with it. But times have changed.

CHRIS WALLACE, Playboy, Feb. 2012


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