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Passion and prejudice govern the world; only under the name of reason.

JOHN WESLEY, letter to Joseph Benson, Oct. 5, 1770

May we not say, that true zeal is not mostly charitable, but wholly so? That is, if we take charity in St. Paul's sense, for love; the love of God and our neighbour. For it is a certain truth, (although little understood in the world), that Christian zeal is all love. It is nothing else.

JOHN WESLEY, Sermons on Several Occasions

That execrable sum of all villainies ... the slave-trade.

JOHN WESLEY, The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley, Volume 3

Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry.

JOHN WESLEY, letter to a member of the Society, December 10, 1777

It is true ... that the English in general, and indeed most of the men of learning in Europe, have given up all accounts of witches and apparitions as mere old wives' fables. I am sorry for it, and I willingly take this opportunity of entering my solemn protest against this violent compliment which so many that believe the Bible pay to those who do not believe it. I owe them no such service. I take knowledge that these are at the bottom of the outcry which has been raised, and with such insolence spread through the land, in direct opposition, not only to the Bible, but to the suffrage of the wisest and the best of men in all ages and nations. They well know (whether Christians know it or not) that the giving up of witchcraft is in effect giving up the Bible. With my latest breath I will bear testimony against giving up to infidels one great proof of the invisible world; I mean that of witchcraft and apparitions, confirmed by the testimony of all ages.

JOHN WESLEY, Journal, 1768

A constant attention to the work which God entrusts us with is a mark of solid piety.

JOHN WESLEY, "A Plain Account of Christian Perfection", The Works of the Reverend John Wesley


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