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My life is one long blooper reel!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Jan. 12, 2000

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my computer, I feel more like booting it OUT instead of booting it UP!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Jan. 3, 1998

You know you're getting older when you notice that more and more history questions happened in your lifetime!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Jul. 3, 1999

If it wasn't for procrastination ... I'd have nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Mar. 27, 1998

Happiness doesn't depend on how much you have to enjoy ... but how much you enjoy what you have!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Feb. 2, 1998

It's no surprise the 'Good Old Days' seem better than the Present ... They've spent more time in Editing!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Jan. 24, 2000

I play golf religiously. If I make a shot ... it's a miracle!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Apr. 4, 1998

There're so many ads on the Internet these days, they should call it the InfoMERCIAL Superhighway!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Nov. 5, 1999

You know your life needs more excitement when your greatest challenge all week is removing the lint from your dryer's lint-screen all in one piece!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Jan. 16, 1998

You'll never put your troubles behind you if you're afraid to turn your back on them.

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Mar. 5, 1998

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but it's a good bet that there will be a delivery charge.

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Feb. 14, 2000

I've finally reached the age where my Wild Oats have turned into All-Bran!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Nov. 19, 1999

It can't be a good sign when your fortune cookie starts out with "Are you sitting down?"

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Apr. 14, 1998

The only time it seems I manage to pack up my troubles ... is when I take them with me on a guilt trip.

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Sep. 9, 1999

Whoever said "You can't buy love" probably never went into a pet shop!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Jan. 29, 1998

Multi-tasking means you can make five mistakes in the time it used to take to make just one!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, May 30, 2000

It's kinda scary when a doctor asks your price range!

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Mar. 26, 1998

Money talks. Mine is always saying "Spend me!"

TOM WILSON, Ziggy, Nov. 6, 1999


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