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One of the jobs of the Witch is be a healer, yes? Well, we need to become a field medics for our evangelical neighbors. We understand that the Abrahamic paradigm is a battlefield where a war is raging between their God and the Anti-God they've named "Satan." Its a good vs evil paradigm, and in their mythology its a real nightmare trying to decide which character is good and which one is evil, because its basically a horror story from beginning to end. The whole system is driven by the fear of being cast out from the supposed love and mercy of their God due [to] their inherent depravity through original sin, the weakness of the flesh that they are supposed to deny, and then tortured for eternity in the fires of hell unless they jump the hoops, fit the mold, and tow the line, just so. Fear of a lack of god's love binds them like slaves. I have nothing but compassion for anyone still suffering on this battlefield, because they are bleeding out all over America. Bless their hearts. MEDIC!

HERON MICHELLE, "Witch on Fire: Broom Closets and Bible Belts -- 10 Tips For Your Coming Out Party", Patheos, January 26, 2016


On every full moon, rituals ... take place on hilltops, beaches, in open fields and in ordinary houses. Writers, teachers, nurses, computer programmers, artists, lawyers, poets, plumbers, and auto mechanics -- women and men from many backgrounds come together to celebrate the mysteries of the Triple Goddess of the Dance of Life. The religion they practice is called Witchcraft.

STARHAWK, Spiral Dance


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Witchcraft ... is a spiritual path. You walk it for nourishment of the soul, to commune with the life force of the universe, and to thereby better know your own life.

CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft


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My First Rule of Witchcraft is Don't burn the witch.

HERON MICHELLE, "Witch on Fire: Broom Closets and Bible Belts -- 10 Tips For Your Coming Out Party", Patheos, January 26, 2016


Witchcraft is not evil. At least not any more than lighting a votive candle, praying for a sick friend, or carrying a lucky charm is. However, there are some who do view witchcraft as evil. This is only because organized religion (primarily the Christian church) has conditioned them to fear anything which strays from their narrow condemning view. After all, if you have the ability to fend for yourself, solve your own problems, and choose your own method of spiritual expression, why would you need the confined structure of a church?

LADY SABRINA, Secrets of Modern Witchcraft Revealed


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Most people think witches are a coven of lesbians dancing naked in the forest celebrating the semen stolen from imprisoned hypnotized males, which they then use to inseminate one another using turkey basters in order to create a legion of demon babies. Well, that's only part of it. We are also active in community outreach programs.

AMY SEDARIS, PAUL DINELLO & STEPHEN COLBERT, Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not


Love for life in all its forms is the basic ethic of Witchcraft.

STARHAWK, Spiral Dance


Your average witch is not, by nature, a social animal.... The natural size of a coven is one. Witches only get together when they can't avoid it.



In Witchcraft, each of us must reveal our own truth.

STARHAWK, Spiral Dance


According to the oral tradition of Witches, we were once the priests and priestesses of a peasant Pagan religion. Members of this secret sect met at night beneath the full moon, for these were the "misfits" and "outcasts" who did not fit into mainstream society. Little has changed over the centuries and the Witchcraft community still embraces individuals frequently rejected in mainstream society. These include gays, lesbians, transgendered individuals, and other people with the courage to live their lives authentically in accord with who they are inside their hearts, minds, and spirits.

RAVEN GRIMASSI, Witchcraft: A Mystery Tradition


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Witchcraft is a way of life for individuals, not the masses, and there's no point in you coming toward the Craft if you are a wimp, a follower, a coward, or a fool, as sorcery is both a practice and a priesthood, and it is not a garment that can be discarded when the going gets tough.

LY DE ANGELES, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice


I'd wager that many of you fine readers have struggled with the problem of being the odd-ball witch or pagan struggling to find acceptance in a family of Evangelical, fundamentalist Christians. That is a thing that happens down here in the bible-belt with alarming frequency, especially for young adults just starting out, and can be really challenging. For 15 years, I lied and hid who I really was from my mother, and most of our family, which was both miserable and pitiful. I regret how I handled things.

HERON MICHELLE, "Witch on Fire: Broom Closets and Bible Belts -- 10 Tips For Your Coming Out Party", Patheos, January 26, 2016


A witch is a woman who worships herself as her own god. She is the creator of her own life, the healer of herself.

MAURA DILLON, "Witchcraft is the perfect religion for liberal millennials", Quartz, October 27, 2016


Witches seem to be firmly back in the public eye and this time they're not going to be dragged off to the stake. They're going to put on a s**t-tonne of black eyeliner and sort out everything that's rubbish in the world.

LEONIE COOPER, "Witchcraft is the new feminism", NME, March 2, 2017


Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men.



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Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

BIBLE, Exodus 22:18


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The blackest chapter in the history of Witchcraft lies not in the malevolence of Witches but in the deliberate, gloating cruelty of their prosecutors.

THEDA KENYON, Witches Still Live


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It is an accurate statement that the followers of Witchcraft do not usually proselytize, which means you aren't going to find us standing on your local street corner thumping our Books of Shadows. Nor do you have to worry about jumping out of the shower to answer our serene and smiling faces at the door with your clothes stuck to various uncomfortable places on your wet body. But just because we (hopefully) aren't the forcible type doesn't mean we don't exist.

SILVER RAVENWOLF, To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft


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Witches were a bit like cats. They didn't much like one another's company but they did like to know where all the other witches were, just in case they needed them. And what you might need them for was to tell you, as a friend, that you were beginning to cackle.



Any divinity that can't see me as a good witch in street clothes has no business hanging up a shingle as a god.

THOMM QUACKENBUSH, Pagan Standard Times: Essays on the Craft