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Once you love someone it’s like cancer. It spreads and spreads until it eats you up.

ANN WUEHLER, Interviews With Loneliness

Have we come a long way? I don’t think so. We still hate and hurt and rape each other. We still have wars, and famine and plague ... Jack the Ripper. The Boston Strangler, the Zodiac Killer, The Green River Killers! Women drowning their kids in bathtubs. Poisoned Kool-Aid. That freak Manson! The Nazi death camps!! Geez, Iraq, Iran, Africa!!! We could exterminate an entire continent if we wanted to. Drop some of those stockpiled nukes-- what are we saving them for, exactly? What long way have we come?

ANN WUEHLER, Free Range Chickens

Love is an anesthesia. It puts you to sleep, it allows you to overlook, not question, not care...and then, one day, you come to. And, by God and all his horny’s an eye opener.

ANN WUEHLER, The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson

Life is a string of uncooked macaroni on a double strand of sewing thread. Not even spray painted gold. Some people have strings of expensive pearls for lives, but not me ... I have macaroni and sewing thread.

ANN WUEHLER, The Care and Feeding of Baby Birds

We should accept our roles as they’re given to us. You know, some people are leaders. Some people are followers. Some people invent things. Some people do the artsy thing. Just accept what you are. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t try to be a tree if you’re a squirrel.

ANN WUEHLER, Free Range Chickens


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