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There's nothing like a deadline to get the old blood flowing. All the juices, really. It doesn't follow, if you think about it. You'd assume certain things ... certain activities ... would become unimportant. Certain betrayals would become unbearable. But they don't really. In fact, quite the opposite. Everything takes on a new light. The impossible becomes possible, desirable even. It's quite remarkable.

WALTER WYKES, The Salmon Tribunal

We've been told there's a certain way to live ... that this is living ... and we ... we never really questioned it. We just sort of went along. But what if it's not the best way? What if there's another way that's better? What if there's something more?!

WALTER WYKES, The Profession

As soon as we get comfortable in one role, we have to take on another! Why? ... Because he wants to keep us off balance! That's why! Because he doesn't want us to THINK! He doesn't want us to QUESTION HIS AUTHORITY! So he keeps us busy! Keeps us running in circles! Like mice! Rushing from one role to the next! Well, I'm on to his game! I see what he's doing! And I refuse to participate!

WALTER WYKES, The Father Clock

Most complaints, you know, aren't won or lost on their own merits, but rather on larger issues--politics and the position of the planets.

WALTER WYKES, The Profession

It's not the goods that matter. It's the theft itself. That's what counts.


I am a rune
a carrot
a little joke

WALTER WYKES, The Father Clock

What if we're all like that? Like ghosts ... in someone's mind ... gradually fading ... fading ... until finally ... one day ... we just disappear ... drift into nothingness. Wouldn't that be sad?


Fate is a manifestation of natural causes. That’s it. It’s not a conscious entity. It has no plan.


The absurdist is concerned with the search for meaning in the Universe. He believes this search to be meaningless--hence the disintegration of plot, character, and language in absurdist drama. Order is a falsehood that we, God, those who came before us, have imposed on a random universe. However, the absurdist is confronted with a curious paradox: though he believes the Universe to be meaningless, he cannot abandon the search for meaning--or he will die.

WALTER WYKES, artist statement

It doesn't matter what kind of world we live in as long as we have each other.

WALTER WYKES, The Profession

Las Vegas, Nevada:
A city where oddities don't make you lame,
But instead bring you riches and fortune and fame.

WALTER WYKES, "The Tragical Tale of Melissa McHiney McNormous McWhale", One Act Plays from the Edge

In Las Vegas, nothing ends very well.

WALTER WYKES, "The Tragical Tale of Melissa McHiney McNormous McWhale", One Act Plays from the Edge

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