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Time is the root of all this earth;
These creatures, who from Time had birth,
Within his bosom at the end
Shall sleep; Time hath nor enemy nor friend.


With fools forbear to argue--better strive to wake the dead.


Poets are ever lords, though short of pence.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of the Wise Man"

Our life is like th' unstable wave,
Our bloom of youth decays.
Our joys are brief as lightning flash
In summer's cloudy days,
Our riches fleet as swift as thought;
Faith in the One Supreme
Alone will bear us o'er the gulfs
Of Being's stormy stream.

BHARTRHARI, "Of Time the Destroyer"

Those who possess that treasure which no thief can take away,
Which, though on suppliants freely spent, increaseth day by day,
The source of inward happiness which shall outlast the earth--
To them e'en kings should yield the palm, and own their higher worth.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of the Wise Man"

Neither rings, bright chains, nor bracelets, perfumes, flowers, nor well-trimmed hair,
Grace a man like polished language, th' only jewel he should wear.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of the Wise Man"

Man is but a beast without it: such a glorious god is Learning.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of the Wise Man"

Our mind is but a lump of clay
That Fate, grim potter, holds
On sorrow's wheel that rolls away,
And, as he pleases, moulds.

BHARTRHARI, "On Time the Destroyer"

Cowards shrink from toil and peril,
Vulgar souls attempt and fail;
Men of mettle, nothing daunted,
Persevere till they prevail.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of the Wise Man"

I have not wasted life, but life hath wasted me.

BHARTRHARI, "Against the Desire of Worldly Things"

Nothing is born which Death makes not subject of his state.

BHARTRHARI, "Of Time the Destroyer"

The moth unwitting rushes on the fire,
Through ignorance the fish devours the bait,
We men know well the foes that lie in wait,
Yet cannot shun the meshes of desire.

BHARTRHARI, "Against the Love of Beauty"

Three courses open lie to wealth, to give, enjoy, or lose,
Who shrinketh from the former two, perforce the third doth choose.


Trees are bowed down with weight of fruit,
Clouds big with rain hang low,
So good men humbly bear success,
Nor overweening grow.

BHARTRHARI, "The Path of Altruism"

A bald man felt the sun's fierce rays
Scorch his defenseless head,
In haste to shun the noontide blaze
Beneath a palm he fled:
Prone as he lay, a heavy fruit
Crashed through his drowsy brain:
Whom fate has sworn to persecute
Finds every refuge vain.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of Destiny"

Fate's sentence written on the brow no hand can e'er efface.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of Destiny"

Kindness can turn the bad man's heart, and fools convert to wise,
Make poison into nectar-juice, and friends of enemies.

BHARTRHARI, "The Praise of Works"

I've wandered over many lands, and reaped withal no fruit,
I've laid my pride of rank aside, and pressed my baffled suit,
At stranger boards, like shameless crow, I've eaten bitter bread,
But fierce Desire, that raging fire, still clamours to be fed.

BHARTRHARI, "Against the Desire of Worldly Things"

Morn after morn dispels the dark,
Bearing our lives away;
Absorbed in cares we fail to mark
How swift our years decay;
Some maddening draught hath drugged our souls,
In love with vital breath,
Which still the same sad chart unrolls,
Birth, eld, disease, and death.

BHARTRHARI, "Against the Desire of Worldly Things"


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