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[Hell is] the carrot and the stick in the chain letter that is the Christian religion.

ANONYMOUS, World Religions in a Nutshell

Let me say to you here very clearly: it is my firm opinion, and it is my foremost conviction, and it is what I fervently preach, that HELL IS HOT.

SHELTON L. SMITH, Hell is for Real!

The extreme horribleness of hell, as portrayed by priests and nuns, is inflated to compensate for its implausibility. If hell were plausible, it would only have to be moderately unpleasant in order to deter. Given that it is so unlikely to be true, it has to be advertised as very very scary indeed.


If heaven is where people become fully human, then hell is the ultimate disintegration of what it means to be human.

SEAN MCDOWELL & JONATHAN MORROW, Is God Just a Human Invention

Heaven is empty, Hell is full.

ASFAW BERHANE, Heaven Is Empty Hell Is Full

Hell's darkness is the very absence of God's living, illuminating light.


Hell doesn't have a before. Hell is stuck in time, repeating endlessly. Hell doesn't have a past. It just is.

JONATHAN LETHEM, The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye

Maybe there is no hell. Of course, it's a gamble to live as if hell doesn't exist, because if we're wrong, the result could be disastrous.

GARRY POOLE, How Could God Allow Suffering and Evil

If hell doesn't exist, then neither does justice.

The Living Church, vol. 130

Hell will not be a blot on the universe, but an eternal testimony to the ugliness of evil that will prompt wondrous appreciation of a good God's magnificence. That sounds like nonsense to Hell-hating moderns, but it makes perfect sense when we recognize and hate evil for what it is. We each have our preferred ways of sinning, whether as prostitutes, porn addicts, materialists, gossips, or the self-righteous. We all are sinners who deserve Hell.


Who believes in Hell? Is it a terrible place to which we sinners are condemned? Or is it a place of the imagination, fueled by fears that have built upon the superstitions and religious relics of our society?

S. KAYE SAUNDERS, Hell Exposed

The reason why evil denotes hell, is, because hell itself is nothing but evil; for it is the same thing whether you say that all in hell are evil, or say that hell is evil.


Hell. It's one of those topics you don't bring up in polite conversation. Yet, according to a 2004 Gallup poll, 70 percent of Americans believe in hell. What exactly they believe about hell is not spelled out, but you can be sure that lots of colorful ideas are out there. Unfortunately many of them originate from urban legends, spittle-spewing "fire and brimstone" preachers, and B-grade horror films (or some unfortunate combination of the three).

SEAN MCDOWELL & JONATHAN MORROW, Is God Just a Human Invention?

Satan knows where he's headed and he knows the everlasting punishment that awaits him there. Now he wants to persuade everyone he can (including you) to follow him to that place of torment. He'll make you believe any of his lies that he can to deceive you into being his roommate in hell forever. If he can make you believe that you will rule and reign with him there, then he'll do that. If he can make you believe that hell doesn't really exist, then that's what he'll do. If he can convince you that hell is a wonderful place, that will be his tactic. Satan will do whatever it takes to stop you from believing and receiving the truth. And the truth is; Satan hates you with a passion! His only desire is to hear your agonizing screams as you share his torture in the burning flames of hell.

RICK JONES, Stairway to Hell

Nothing proves the man-made character of religion as obviously as the sick mind that designed hell, unless it is the sorely limited mind that has failed to describe heaven.


Is hell a physical place? Yes and no. When people die, their soul leaves their body and they're no longer physical. The Bible says when people who are ultimately headed for hell die before Christ's return, they're separated from the presence of God but they're not in a physical place because they're not physical. In that sense, hell is probably not a location, but it's a real part of the universe. It's like you go through a door into another kind of existence.

LEE STROBEL, The Case for Faith

Hell doesn't come looking for humanity since it's a dead energy field, so it is humanity that is looking for hell.

CHANTHA TAN, Humanity Under Siege in the 21st Century and Why?

The devil deceives people into believing that hell doesn't exist, or if it does exist then only serial killers and child molesters will go there--certainly none of us. Wrong! One of Satan's best deceptions is getting people to believe that they are good, or that a compassionate, loving God would never send anyone to hell for all eternity. Having bought the devil's lie, most post-modernists and liberals within Christianity don't believe in the real existence of hell anymore. How often these days do you hear someone preaching about it? Hardly ever. This would offend their congregation too much and hurt their collection plate. Even the well-respected Billy Graham is afraid to teach that hell is everlasting fire and eternal torment. Billy prefers to call hell an "eternal separation from God," which probably sounds like heaven to atheists. With all due respect, Mr. Graham, the torments of hell are real and for all eternity. Not figuratively, as liberals and unbelievers contend, but literally. Jesus spoke about the literal existence of hell more than any other topic in the New Testament. That's why it's so important that we take hell seriously and do everything we can to avoid going there.

DAVID MICHAEL LINDSEY, The Woman and the Dragon

Heaven and Hell are, in my opinion, much like God: a feel-good idea that swims in the minds of people, but has little bearing in reality. It's also a nifty way to control people through fear.

ANONYMOUS, World Religions in a Nutshell

The ultimate tragedy is that all those who end in Hell will have chosen it. Instead of accepting that we are all sinners in need of the salvation of Jesus Christ, their pride condemns them to spiritual death. In the end, someone must be god of our lives. If we insist on being our own god, we shall succeed, but at the cost of an eternity in Hell.

GRANT R. JEFFREY, Heaven: The Mystery of Angels

Hell is like this. It's this cowering in the bottom of the cellar far from the smouldering trapdoor, between pumpkins and tubs of apples. It's the smell of a karri forest rising into the sky and the bodies of roos and possums returning to the earth as carbon and the cooking smell falling through the dimness like this. Trees go off like bombs out in the light and the cauldron boils and spits all about. Hell is being six years old and wondering why you're alone in the dark and no one else has come down yet. It's the sound of your own breathing, the salty stink of your bloomers, the way the walls have warmed, the flickering cracks, the screams like a thousand nails being drawn, the hammering, throttling noises, the way the rats are panicking and throwing themselves against things. Hell is that shallowbreathing trance you slip into, the silence that goes on and on until it's grown outside you and fallen on the world. Hell is when you hear noises in the world again, though nothing in yourself, and men's voices make your throat cry so raw that light bolts into the cellar with a gout of ash and charcoal and the burning taste of air. Hell is when you're dragged out past the black bones and belt buckles that are the others who never came down, out onto the powder white earth beneath the sky green as bile and swirling with vapours. Hell is the sight of your father's face streaked with the ride, the twitching cast on him, the registration of facts. Hell. It's only you left, and you're awake.

TIM WINTON, Cloudstreet

Hell is a name given to a mystical place where all souls go.... We are terrified with the promise of going there when bad, and only too happy to consign our enemies into that nether world. Fire, brimstone, cold, and unhappiness, all await us in hell. It lies somewhere below us, or maybe above us, or maybe in another dimension. Perhaps we inhabit hell now, here on earth.

S. KAYE SAUNDERS, Hell Exposed

There is nothing funny about Hell. Hollywood laughs at it, but it's still not funny. A lot of people use hell as a byword or a curse word, but it's still not funny. University professors mock it, but it's not funny. Philosophers explain it away, but it's still not funny. Hell is no joke.

SHELTON L. SMITH, Hell is for Real!

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