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Perhaps the thought of going to hell doesn't alarm you, because you don't believe in it. That may be your belief, but if hell exists, your lack of belief won't make it go away. Standing on a freeway and saying, "I don't believe in trucks" won't make the 18-wheeler disappear.

KIRK CAMERON, Still Growing

Hell is every day. It's now.

MALIKA MOKEDDEM, The Forbidden Woman

By the way, the belief that the afterlife was divided into opposite destinations, a heaven and hell, didn't really develop until later in Jewish history, sometime after the Babylonian Exile and a few centuries prior to the time of Christ. The noncanonical Book of Enoch, thought to have been written in 160 B.C.E., splits Sheol into multiple sections. These include one for the righteous who are awaiting Judgment and another for the wicked, who undergo punishment while they wait to be judged.

JASON BOYETT, Pocket Guide to the Afterlife

Hell was created not for mankind, but for Satan and his angels.... Hell is not God's intention for mankind. But remember--he gave us free will. He gave us a choice.


Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.


Hell doesn't exist. Paradise doesn't exist.... they are only subjective dimensions of our minds, crystallized in ether formed by our active thoughts. In these regions our inner sufferings last and multiply.

MAURIZIO CAVALLO, Beyond the Heavens

The concept of hell doesn't fit the mold of a loving God. The god of the bible did not exist in any form, and ALL other gods were made up. Hell is imaginary, and Organized Religion only uses it to justify their religious dogma. No God of religion exists, and all holy books are no more than man-made mythology. As you live through intellectual honesty, you will reject the doctrine of hell and choose truth as your authority, rejecting authority as your truth.

JAWARA D. KING, Transform Your World Through the Powers of Your Mind

If hell doesn't exist, nothing exists. And hell must not only exist, it must also be completely cut off from the upper regions. There must be barbed-wire fences and flames and spires of broken glass and high-voltage electric wires and watertight compartments and a void without atmosphere or pressure and the maelstrom of a black hole that swallows all who try to escape from it. My mother and father wouldn't be able to stand being in the same place as you; they should be exempted even from imagining that you still exist somewhere in the universe. And therefore it's imperative that there should be all those barriers between what's above and what's below.


Not believing in hell doesn't lower the temperature down there one degree.

NEIL T. ANDERSON, Victory Over the Darkness

Hell doesn't sound like a fun place, regardless of what some people jokingly say. I have heard folks say, "Why go to Heaven, when all my friends will be in Hell?" Can I tell you something? Spending eternity in Hell isn't funny. You might want to pick other "friends."


Hell doesn't make God less loving. It reveals the depth of his love, which went to hell and back for us.

PHIL MOORE, Straight to the Heart of Matthew

Make no mistake: Hell is punishment--but it's not a punishing. It's not torture. The punishment of hell is separation from God, bringing shame, anguish, and regret. And because we will have both body and soul in the resurrected state, the misery experienced can be both mental and physical. But the pain that's suffered will be due to the sorrow from the final, ultimate, unending banishment from God, his kingdom, and the good life for which we were created in the first place. People in hell will deeply grieve all they've lost.

LEE STROBEL, The Case for Faith

Forever, we hear of hell. During the Middle Ages, people had nightmares that were filled with visions of it. They feared hell. Talk of hell went in and out of fashion. As the Catholic Church's power broke with the Protestant divisions, hell and its clost friends of spiritualism and witchcraft gained tenuous hold. Enlightenment eroded hell's horrors and civilization learned tolerance for the Underworld. Today we believe in hell, but we don't want to believe it could be waiting for us. Hell is cold. It is lonely. It is filled with the dispossessed, the bad, the ugly, and the things about which we choose not to remember. Hell is a leftover idea from our past that we could best do without. The problem is that it will not do without us.

S. KAYE SAUNDERS, Hell Exposed

The Justice of God demands there be an everlasting hell, both as a punishment for the wicked and as a deterrent against those contemplating wickedness.

DAVID MICHAEL LINDSEY, The Woman and the Dragon

We do not believe in heaven or hell, yet no statistic will ever find that without these blandishments and threats we commit more crimes of greed or violence than the faithful.


The person who disbelieves in Hell doesn't really believe in Heaven either. He believes in oblivion. He desperately hopes that he'll cease to exist after death. He hopes he'll get away with it after all.

DWIGHT LONGENECKER, Adventures in Orthodoxy

Hell doesn't exactly take people to heaven, but the eternal place apart from God sure makes people wonder about heaven. If they're pondering hell, odds are heaven will get some of their attention as well. In that respect, at least the topic of hell could coincide with Judgment Day and serve as a path to heaven.

MICHAEL M. MURRAY, 52 Paths to Heaven

Is Hell supposed to be figuratively interpreted? This debate partly pivots on the different interpretations of words and how they translate through language transitions, for example, from the original language to Greak and Latin. This is a complex debate beyond the scope of this book but I totally agree with the conclusions of most Christian commentators that Jesus taught this doctrine. Even if the "real" Jesus did not teach it, the Jesus Christ of the Bible, the character invented by the gospel writers and the early Church did, and this is the larger than life fantasy figure that has shaped history. We have to define Hell in literal terms because this is being true to the original intentions of the gospel writers. The original intention of the founders was to think of Hell as a cosmic torture chamber with literal torments. They took the belief from their surrounding culture which had absorbed hell-fire notions possibly from Persian Zoroastrianism which propounded a literal belief in Hell and from other sources, among them the Essenes and Pharisees, who at the time of Jesus believed in Hell. Jesus had ample opportunity to condemn the belief that was an accepted part of the theological currency of his era but he chose to adopt it as a keynote ingredient of his central salvation message.

CHARLES SAYER WILSON, Sex and the Devil's Wager

Hell is the final sentence that says you refused regularly to live for the purpose for which you were made, and the only alternative is to sentence you away for all eternity. So it is punishment. But it's also the natural consequence of a life that has been lived in a certain direction.

LEE STROBEL, The Case for Faith

Perhaps people take umbrage at a God who condemns people to hell because they feel like they're already there.

CRAIG DETWEILER, A Purple State of Mind

As Heaven is the object of our deepest desire, Hell is the object of our deepest fear. Our hearts are so deep that we don't even know our deepest desires and fears very clearly. But we do know that these two things match each other: our deepest desire is to be freed from our deepest fear, and our deepest fear is that we fail to attain our deepest desire. So if our deepest desire is to be in a love relationship with God--with infinite understanding, infinite love, and infinite beauty--then our deepest fear is to fail to attain that deepest desire forever, to have no hope of attaining it anymore. That's why in Dante's Inferno the sign over the gate of Hell reads: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

PETER KREEFT, Because God Is Real

There's a lot of loose talk going around to the effect that Hell doesn't exist. It never seems to strike these gabby pundits that not to exist may be precisely the reality of Hell.

HUGH HOOD, Near Water

All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell.

C. S. LEWIS, The Great Divorce

Be warned, therefore, that one does not go to hell to light a cigarette.

ROGER ZELAZNY, This Immortal

I fear no farther hell than that I feel.

EDWARD YOUNG, Busiris, King of Egypt: A Tragedy

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