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Willpower is trying very hard not to do something you want to do very much.

JOHN ORTBERG, The Life You've Always Wanted

God is still in the business of coming down to earth: to this cubicle, this email, this room, this house, this job, this hospital room, this car, this bed, this vacation. Any place can become Bethel, the house of God. Cleveland, maybe. Or the chair you're sitting in as you read these words.

JOHN ORTBERG, God Is Closer Than You Think

Spontaneous people are capable of as much love as well-organized people -- they're just messier.

JOHN ORTBERG, The Me I Want to Be

A lifetime can pass in the snap of a finger, and good intentions are never realized.

JOHN ORTBERG, The Stepping Out in Faith

Jesus ... associated with the outcasts; he spoke with them, touched them, ate with them, loved them.

JOHN ORTBERG, Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them

In reality, each thought we have carries with it a little spiritual power, a tug toward or away from God. No thought is purely neutral.

JOHN ORTBERG, God Is Closer Than You Think


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