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Religion is ... being as much like God as man can be.

BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE, Moral and Religious Aphorisms

God is in the tiger as well as in the lamb.

JOHN UPDIKE, Rabbit Redux

If our god's work is to be done in our time, we must do it ourselves.

DAN SIMMONS, The Rise of Endymion

I have, I think, somewhat of an odd version of God. I do not have an intervening Go I appreciate other people's prayers for that [a cure for her cancer], but I believe that we are given a set of guidelines, and that we are obligated to live our lives with a view to those guidelines. And I don't believe that we should live our lives that way for some promise of eternal life, but because that's what's right. We should do those things because that's what's right.

ELIZABETH EDWARDS, attributed, Politics Daily, Dec. 8, 2010

God is either powerless, stupid or he doesn't give a shit.


There is no duty in religion more generally agreed on, nor more justly required by God almighty, than a perfect submission to his will in all things: Nor is there any disposition of mind that can either please him more or become us better, than that of being satisfied with all he gives, and contented with all he takes away; none, I am sure, can be of more honour to God, nor more easy to ourselves; for if we consider him as our maker we cannot contend with him; if as our father we ought not to distrust him; so that we may be confident, whatever he does is intended for our good; and whatever happens that we may interpret otherwise, yet we cannot get nothing by repining, nor save anything by resisting.

WELLINS CALCOTT, Thoughts Moral and Divine

Whatever God there is is slowly eliminating the guts and alimentary system from the human being, to evolve a higher, more spiritual being.

D. H. LAWRENCE, Lady Chatterley's Lover

What we attribute to God as his excellency and perfection, that we should propose to ourselves as matter of practice and imitation.

BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE, Moral and Religious Aphorisms

All nature is full of God. He is enthroned in Light: he creates darkness: he hath his way in the whirlwind, fendeth abroad his lightnings, giveth snow like wool, scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes, and casteth forth his ice like morsels! Who can stand before his cold? Who can thunder with a voice like God? It is He who distils the rain from his bottles, who opens the bubbling fountains, who covers the fields with grass, and the hills with flocks, who spins out the fleecy air, and spreads forth the liquid plains, who refreshes us with his wings, lights us with the sun, and entertains us with his table, richly furnish'd with all the dainty of heaven.

WELLINS CALCOTT, Thoughts Moral and Divine

It is said that God notes each sparrow that falls. And so He does. But the proper closest statement of it that can be made in English is that God cannot avoid noting the sparrow because the Sparrow is God. And when a cat stalks a sparrow both of them are God, carrying out God's thoughts.

ROBERT A. HEINLEIN, Stranger in a Strange Land

To believe there is a God is to believe the existence of all possible Good and Perfection in the Universe: And it is to be resolved upon this--that things either are, or finally shall be, as they should be.

BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE, Moral and Religious Aphorisms

God is Alpha and Omega in the great world, let us endeavour to make him so in the little world; let us practice to make him our last thought at night when we sleep; and our first in the morning when we awake; so shall our fancy be sanctified in the night, and our understanding rectified in the day; so shall our rest be peaceful, and our labours prosperous; our life pious, and our death glorious.

WELLINS CALCOTT, Thoughts Moral and Divine

We worship God best when we resemble him most.

BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE, Moral and Religious Aphorisms

God can be good and terrible--not in succession--but at the same time. This is why we seek a mediator between us and him; we approach him through the mediating priest and attenuate and enclose him through the sacraments. It is for our own safety: to trap him within confines which render him safe.


Ignorance of nature's ways led people in ancient times to invent gods to lord it over every aspect of human life. There were gods of love and war; of the sun, earth, and sky; of the oceans and rivers; of rain and thunderstorms; even of earthquakes and volcanoes. When the gods were pleased, mankind was treated to good weather, peace, and freedom from natural disaster and disease. When they were displeased, there came draught, war, pestilence, and epidemics. Since the connection of cause and effect in nature was invisible to their eyes, these gods appeared inscrutable, and people at their mercy.


Gods are great ... but the heart is greater. For it is from our hearts they come, and to our hearts they shall return.

NEIL GAIMAN, American Gods

The longer I live and the more I see
Of the struggle of souls toward the heights above,
The stronger this truth comes home to me:
That the Universe rests on the shoulders of love;
A love so limitless, deep, and broad,
That men have renamed it and called it--God.


Where there is most of God, there is least of self.

BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE, Moral and Religious Aphorisms

All things that God would have us do are hard for us to do--remember that--and hence, he oftener commands us than endeavours to persuade.


I don't understand worshipping a god who denigrates women and whose 'true believers' feel it's their right to look down on anyone who doesn't think exactly as they do.


There exists no separation between gods and men; one blends softly casual into the other.


What I have done is to show that it is possible for the way the universe began to be determined by the laws of science. In that case, it would not be necessary to appeal to God to decide how the universe began. This doesn't prove that there is no God, only that God is not necessary.

STEPHEN HAWKING, Der Spiegel, Oct. 17, 1988

Gods die when they are forgotten.

NEIL GAIMAN, American Gods

The only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten you are divine.

DAN BROWN, The Lost Symbol

God's mouth knows not how to speak falsehood, but he brings to pass every word.

AESCHYLUS, Prometheus Bound

I suggest that the anthropomorphic god-idea is not a harmless infirmity of human thought, but a very noxious fallacy, which is largely responsible for the calamities the world is at present enduring.

WILLIAM ARCHER, William Archer as Rationalist: A Collection of His Heterodox Writings

What art Thou then, my God? what, but the Lord God? For who is Lord but the Lord? or who is God save our God? Most highest, most good, most potent, most omnipotent; most merciful, yet most just; most hidden, yet most present; most beautiful, yet most strong; stable, yet incomprehensible; unchangeable, yet all-changing; never new, never old; all-renewing, and bringing age upon the proud, and they know it not; ever working, ever at rest; still gathering, yet nothing lacking; supporting, filling, and overspreading; creating, nourishing, and maturing; seeking, yet having all things.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Confessions

God's voice had been reduced to paper, and even that paper had to be moderated and deciphered by the proper authorities and intellect.


It is hardly to be believed how spiritual reflections when mixed with a little physics can hold people's attention and give them a livelier idea of God than do the often ill-applied examples of his wrath.


A mighty fortress is our God,
A bulwark never failing.
Our helper He amid the flood
Of mortal ills prevailing.

MARTIN LUTHER, Psalm. Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott

God is only a word dreamed up to explain the world.

ALPHONSE DE LAMARTINE, "Le Tombeau d'une mère", Harmonies

Soul of the universe, Sire, God, Creator,
Lord, I believe in Thee, 'neath all these names:
And without having need to hear thy word,
In the sky's brow my glorious creed I trace.

ALPHONSE DE LAMARTINE, "Prayer", Poetical Meditations

'Twas only fear first in the world made gods.

BEN JONSON, Sejanus, His Fall

I don't know much, but I understand how entirely doomed I am without God.

ANNE LAMOTT, interview, BookBrowse

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